Places You Do Not Want to Be

“I do not want to be here.”  Pamela told me.  “This is not the life I wanted.  I dreamed of something so much different.  I do not enjoy life anymore and no longer want to even get out of bed.”

Are you somewhere you do not want to be?


Have you ever felt like Pamela?

Did life turn out differently than you hoped?


Are you in a place you do not want to be?

Caregiving can be so incredibly overwhelming and draining.  Taking care of someone else can suck the life out of you.  By the time your day is winding down, you just want to crawl in bed, pull the covers over your head and wish for a better tomorrow.

However, most caregivers realize there will not be a better tomorrow.  All caregivers can see is an endless cycle of needs that deplete their financial, mental, and physical resources.

Most of us know the statistics of people like us- people who have access to read a blog are among the richest people in the world.  If we have clean water, electricity, and some education, we are envied by a vast majority of the planet.  We know that currently there are more slaves on earth than at any other time in history.  While most caregivers are aware of how blessed they are to have access to reading material and western technology, that gratitude does not get them through each exhausting day.

The frustration of caregiving.

looking on the brighter side:

This blog was created to be one of inspiration and motivation, not disenchantment and discouragement.  To get our minds off of the world’s increasing problems, along with our own daily difficulties, I have put together a short list.  Below are a few of the jobs that people have claimed to be the worst in the world.

Rather than ranking in order from best to worst, I will let you decide and tell me which one you would least enjoy.

  1.  Animal Manure Inspector
  2.  Judge of Flatulence- this required the judges to open sealed containers of human gas and rate the noxious emissions
  3. Producer of Flatulence- after eating pinto beans, these people insert small, plastic collection tubes into their backsides
  4. Dog Breath Sniffer
  5. Road Kill Cleaner
  6. Elephant Poop Collector
  7. Pet Food Tester- in addition to smelling the food, they must chew and taste it
  8. Underarm Sniffer
  9. Vomit Collector- hired by amusement parks
  10. Portable Toilet Cleaner
  11. Stun Gun Tester
  12. Sewer Cleaner
  13. The Employees in Japan who are paid to shove people into trains
Are you grinning yet?

Hopefully, this fun list made you smile a little.

Is today a day you “do not want to be here”?  Like Pamela, in the introduction story, everyone has stressful days.  Do not give up on yourself so quickly.

Where are you looking?

If you are having one of those days where you just want to be in the shoes of someone else, do yourself a favor– stop comparing what you know about your life to what you think is true about the life of someone else.  In other words, stop comparing the truth of your day to the false image people often manufacture for social media.

Remember that people only put their best pictures on social media- when they are on vacation, look great, have the house clean, fix an impressive meal, went somewhere expensive, bought a new luxury, had the kids behaving perfectly, etc…

Look to God, rather than comparing yourself with others.
Fully Rely on God
Fully Rely on God


It can be difficult to “Fully Rely on God” as we have been admonished.  However, hold tight to the fact that God has a good plan and purpose for you.

Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that God’s thoughts for us are for good and not for evil.  What you are currently experiencing may not feel good.  Perhaps you are feeling a bit hopeless and despondent.

First, get your own physical and mental health checked by a professional.  Then, remember God’s promises to you and hold tight to them as you go through your day.  Also, if you need some pointers for changing the trajectory of your day, click here.

How about you?

What about you?  What is the worst part of your day and how do you get through it?

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18 thoughts on “Places You Do Not Want to Be”

  1. the worst part of my day is when my fibromyalgia/chronic pain is acting up and still im having to care for my husband with alzheimers i get so easily frustrated my help comes from God for he gives me the strength and endurance for each day

  2. The worst part of my day is first thing in the morning. My stroke makes it so hard to get out of bed because it’s almost like my brain forgot what to do overnight. Then I have the privilege, but exhausting time, of once again making sure my 20 year old daughter takes her medicine, does her treatments, eats, takes her insulin and starts her day early so she can get all that in before she heads out for her day. She has CF and Two liver transplants and she is just not wanting to take that full responsibility for her health yet. So, the eye rolling, Oh Mom” , the stomping (yes, still at 20) may or may not happen depending on the day. But I want (in my head of course) go through my own personal struggles of how hard it is to shower, get up, make my body move…but then I remember the blessing she is, the wonderful person she has become and I let God take the other away. She is a blessing from God for us.

    1. Barb, Thank you for taking time to post such a heart-warming comment. You leave me speechless, with your fearless faith and your courage to face each day. You are caring for both yourself and your grown daughter- amazing! God bless you in all you do daily.

    2. Barb my heart goes out to you. I know without a doubt that God is with you and giving you the strength you need each day. I really found hope when you talked about your daughter being a blessing. I will look at my husband in this way as well. So often I let the alzheimer disease get in the forefront & forget that it is the disease not him! I need to remember our good times & thank God for the blessing my husband is. Thank you and I will add you to my prayer list.

  3. Wow! I am speechless at Barb and her situation. I will continue to pray for you and your wonderful daughter. I have a wonderful daughter with struggles of her own and I admire her so much for her strength and energy to carry on and help others. I heard a preacher on TV, over the weekend, say when we are going through our own struggles, to pray for others with the same struggles and let God work on ours and, in time, see how much God has worked in your own situation. Remember, God is The Divine Healer; doctors are only His instruments. “By His stripes, we are healed.”

  4. Donna, Barb and Hannah as I sit at my desk right now, I am sending up prayers for each of you and your concerns and health. I know prayer works and will continue to pray for you. I have a dear, wonderful daughter that I pray for 24/7 and will continue to pray for you as well. May God bless your day and you too. Prov. 3:5

    1. Thank you the last couple of days has been very tough with the pain of fibromyalgia. Today I went to a new dr with unfortunately same results nothing we can do for you. Jehovah Rapha is God my Healer and each day that I live He has healed me & giving me strength to endure for that day. Thanks so much for the prayers they are helping

      1. Hannah,
        I am sorry the new Dr didn’t help. Have you heard of Dr Amy Myers? She is a natural doctor specializing in autoimmune diseases like yours. She has diet recommendations and supplements that could help you. I have had autoimmune diseases and it has helped me so much to change my diet to Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free. I have also heard of a Dr who specializes in allergies. Some allergies are related to autoimmune diseases. He might be another source of help (I have not seen this allergy doctor yet, but I have heard about him and plan to check him out.) (I have read Dr Amy Myers information and have followed some of her diet advice.) I am a cancer survivor. Never give up hope for healing from God. Keep praying. God hears you.

        1. Janet, Thank you so much for these words of wisdom! You are so correct about diet. I have been trying some of the same Dairy-Free and Gluten- Free ideas. Congratulations on you beating Cancer!! You are an amazing overcomer. We would all love to hear more of your story of surviving Cancer, and how you are coping now, when you have time.

      2. Hannah, I am so grateful that prayers are helping you. Please continue to visit our prayer request section anytime you need prayer. I love your comment- God is Your Healer (Jehovah Rapha). I pray God continues to direct you as you search out doctors and He continues to give you strength day by day.

    2. Thank you for all the prayers you are praying for the readers of the blog. That is what this community is all about.
      This post has been linked up with To read Kelly’s insightful words of wisdom for the day, please click on this link-

  5. Hi, I’m your neighbour at Purposeful Faith today and I enjoyed your post. That list of jobs is hilarious! I can’t even pick which is worst. It is so important to keep focussed on God rather than looking at others’ situations that may seem better than ours, and to remember that often the social media posts don’t tell the full story. Praying for all those who have commented here who are struggling with illness or the challenges of caring for others.

    1. Lesley, Thank you for stopping by! We are so glad you came. I agree with everything you said here about social media and keeping our focus where it should be. Thank you for praying for the people on the list as well 🙂

  6. Hannah, I know several people with similar conditions and control it with herbs and diets. Also, I just read a story about a lady in her 40’s suffering with the same conditions. She prayed, and kept thanking God for what was right and good in her life and continued praying for others who were sick. After many years of suffering, one morning she woke up and was completely, completely healed. We know that God is our Divine Healer, so, keep praying, eating right and let God work his miracles. I will continue to pray for you. God Bless you!

  7. I loved the list. It made me chuckle. I would not want to be the animal manure inspector.

    I have to say I love where I am at because it means there is still tremendous hope. As long as we are still living and breathing we have hope.

    The hardest part of my job is watching those I love struggle and in pain.


    1. Yes! I agree with you completely, Maree Dee. It is so difficult to watch our loved ones suffer. We all want our families to be happy and healthy (physically and mentally). And, we all want to do everything in our power to help them. Then, we come to the realization that we do not have much control over our loved one’s ability to assimilate information and make the necessary life changes. However, you said it best when you said, “there is still tremendous hope”. Your joyful attitude will boost the days of many. Thank you for stopping by and adding your sunshine to this blog.

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