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Make special
Make special

Caregiver, are you having difficulty finding anything special about daily life?

“Make special.”  Those were the two words the speaker reiterated over and over again.

I was at a single’s conference several years ago, with a nationally known speaker.  The speaker kept talking about how lonely he was as a 40 something single.  He told how he woke up everyday telling himself to make the day special for himself since he had no one else to make it special for him.

He talked about eating dinner on a special plate and buying himself a fun pastry at the end of every day.  His speech was instilled in me because of his sincerity.  It was obviously heartfelt and extremely personal to him.

Applying what I learned:

A few years later, I began working with caregivers and seeing the hollowness in their eyes.  Listening to the hurt in their words and hearts, I began to better understand what the speaker meant.  Spouses were lonely over the fact that they were married but could not live a “normal” life because their other half was sick.  Wives were fed up raising children alone while their husbands worked and played sports.  Pet rescue business owners loved their jobs immensely but desperately wanted a human companion.

What is so special about today?

I remember a magazine I once read that talked about how to celebrate different days of the year.   There are actually holidays on each of the 365 days of the year.  You could truly make every single day special for yourself, even if you have no one to celebrate with.

A quick search online revealed that not only is there a holiday for every day, but some days have multiple holidays.  For the sake of space, I chose not to type out all of them.  Instead, here is an extremely shortened list of special days for the rest of this year. We will look at more holidays toward the beginning of next year.

How can you make each day special?

Some of these holidays especially cracked me up because each member of my house has a birthday between now and the end of December.  To avoid incriminating anyone, I will not mention whose birthday falls on which day, but please smile with me as you read these.

something to celebrate:


  • 5th– Be Late for Something Day  (This should be a daily holiday.)
  • 6th– Fight Procrastination Day (I will think about this holiday tomorrow.)
  • 9th– Teddy Bear Day
  • 13th– Positive Thinking Day
  • 16th– Step Family Day & National Play Doh Day
  • 22nd– Elephant Appreciation Day
  • 28th– Ask a Stupid Question Day



  • 2nd- National Name Your Car Day
  • 5th– Do Something Nice Day
  • 6th– Come and Take it Day
  • 7th– Bald and Free Day
  • 9th– Curious Events Day
  • 12th– Moment of Frustration Day  (Caregivers have to love this one.)
  • 17th– Wear Something Gaudy Day
  • 29th– Hermit Day
  • 30th– National Candy Corn Day



  • 2nd– Plan Your Epitaph Day
  • 6th– Marooned Without a Compass Day
  • 8th Cook Something Bold Day
  • 13th– Caregiver Appreciation Day  (Yippee!  Celebrate yourself!)
  • 16th– Have a Party with Your Bear Day
  • 19th– Have a Bad Day
  • 20th– Absurdity Day & Beautiful Day
  • 21st– False Confession Day (I must confess…. or not.)
  • 23rd– Eat a Cranberry Day
  • 27th– Pins and Needles Day
  • 30th– Stay At Home Because You Are Well Day



  • 1st– Eat A Red Apple Day
  • 3rd– National Roof Over Your Head Day
  • 5th– Bathtub Party Day
  • 9th– National Pastry Day
  • 16th– National Chocolate Covered Anything Day  (My kind of day!)
  • 19th– Oatmeal Muffin Day
  • 21st– Look On The Brightside Day
  • 27th– Make Cut Out Snowflake Days
  • 28th– Card Playing Day
  • 30th– Bacon Day
  • 31st– Make Up Your Mind Day (Make up your mind to make today special.)


Yes, I left out the big holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Caregivers tend to know the big holidays all too well (and dread them).  This is simply a list to make you giggle and give you a reason to celebrate life.

You can enjoy every day of your life.  Read more at

Even on your darkest days, you are not alone. Click here for some quick tips on how to keep your daily routine from zapping your emotional energy.

Surrender your burdens:

This blog is titled “Burden Free Caregiving” because we give our burdens to God.  He created a big, beautiful world (even on the days that seem gloomy and horrific).  He still loves you no matter where you have been, what you have done, or what you are going through.

You are His child and He wants to see you smile.  Even when life throws curve balls your way and you can see nothing to celebrate, celebrate that He loves you.

Today’s special challenge:

Caregiver, your challenge today is the challenge mentioned in the beginning- Make Special.

Do you have some old streamers lying around that you could adorn a door frame with?  Perhaps, you could use some wrapping paper to cover a picture frame, just to remind yourself that this day is a gift.

caregiver response:

What about you?  Please let us know how you make mundane days special.  I would love to hear the names people have chosen for their cars, or hear how you combined both Absurdity Day and Beautiful Day into one day.  Perhaps, you can make today absurdly beautiful!

Caregiver, what is something you can do today to make today special?

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4 thoughts on “Make Special”

  1. i havent named my car but i did name my gps Hyacinth after hyacinth on keeping up appearances why i dont know but its a british lady & when gps says recalculating it reminded me of hyacinth fussing at richard i laugh and talk back to gps hyacinth with laughter!!

  2. Love all the holiday’s listed. Good ideas. I never thought of doing this. Yes, holiday’s with family and without can be stressful. If you are with family, be glad and if you aren’t with family, you always have God. He is right there with you and waiting on you to ask him for help. When something is coming up and I don’t have plans, I just tell God to work out the holiday or the certain weekend. He fills it full every time. He is just waiting for you to ask him for his help. He loves to help us and guide us. God is good all the time, all the time, God is good! Love the blog.

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