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Here is a  post that you can add your prayer requests to.

Do you have a prayer request you would like others to pray about?

My heart goes out to each of you who have already shared your needs for healing, safety, and relationships.  Please know that each request you make on here will be prayed over.


You may leave your prayer request via a false name, the word “anonymous”,  or your initials if you prefer.

While you are here, please take a moment to pray for the needs listed below.  Click on our menu and categories for additional specific prayers you may pray.

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33 thoughts on “Leave Your Prayer Request(s) Here”

  1. I will start our prayer wall off with something that caregivers in this area know about already… Please pray for rain to squelch the wildfires. Thank you!

    And, now that the ball is rolling, please post your concerns, knowing that they will be prayed for.

    1. First of all I want to praise God for all the provisions, guidance, blessings that he has been pouring out to me lately. Right now my prayer is for the wildfires to stop and that our home in the area is okay

      1. Wow! Your home is so close to the fire. We will certainly pray for that. LORD, we ask You (according to Isaiah 35:6) to let waters burst forth on these wildfires. Father, let waters cover the wildfires so not even one ember will be left (Psalm 106:11). We ask all these things according to Your Word and in Your Son’s Name, Amen

  2. Pray for peace, kindness, love (fruits of the Spirit) for a family going through a rough time. Pray for their teenager that needs for God to hold onto and protect.
    Pray for rain. We so desperately need.

  3. I’m having a problem with back pain that has me unable to work or do much of anything, just praying for God’s healing and help in this!! I know He’s going to see me thru it, just need patience to wait on dr appt for epidural on Dec 2nd. Praying for opening sooner than that. I’m always the one taking care of others, don’t like being down & unable to do much. This is minor compared to problems others are having…but your prayers are so appreciated!! Thank you.

    1. Thank you for sharing your request. We agree with you for healing. A healing prayer has just been added to the menu and prayed over you, S.

      1. Thank you for your faithful prayers for me!! God has answered them and stopped the pain. I’ve been able to return to work. You are wonderful for lifting up prayers for me and others!! God is so gracious and I pray for His Grace to bless you and your loved ones.
        Thank you again, you’ve blessed me so much. Sheila New

        1. Oh wow!! It is so wonderful to hear such a fabulous praise report!! God is so good and faithful!! I do not think there are enough exclamation marks to give Him credit and praise for this one! Your praise report is fabulous news! You have brought so much joy to me by letting us know of your miraculous healing and your return to work. Wooooooohoooooooo 😀😀😀

    2. S., you are being prayed for daily. I am taking communion for your back. God sees your pain, He loves you, and He is ministering to you. (Is. 53 and 1 Peter 2:24)

    3. Been praying for healing for your back and a special family member’s back. I’ve had back problems, off and on, and it isn’t any fun. I heard Dr. Charles Stanley say that when God put him flat on his back, it caused him to look up and spend more time with God. It is hard with all the demands we have, but I have to think this is God’s way of getting my attention and getting me to slow down. I have to do back exercises every morning and night to keep my back strong. This has been a big help along with quoting scripture and praying. Hope you are doing much better.

      1. Thank you for the prayers. I know the people who send in prayers appreciate you praying. Love the quote from Dr. Stanley too!

  4. Today has been exceptionally tough in addition to caregiving I’m battling shingles and the pain is too much. Please pray for help and healing

  5. If you left a prayer request here, you are being uplifted in prayer daily. Please do not give up hope. Nothing is impossible with God.

  6. Lord, I don’t know every need of each person on this site, but You do. Please minister to them as only You can. Give them the peace that passes all understanding. Amen

  7. I’m really down tonight. My husbands Alzheimer’s the last two days have been troubling I’m tired and pain is horrible. Tonight I went to funeral home for a friend that his Mom passed away with Alzheimer’s. She was such a lovely lady! His dad shared that another acquaintance died today with Alzheimer’s. And yet another friend down street from me her husband has Alzheimer’s and he’s not having a good day yesterday or today either. Will it ever stop, how do you not stress, what is happening?? My parents health is going down and I am needing prayer to have strength, wisdom and endurance. I apologize that this is so long….

    1. Hannah, you never have to apologize for your writing being too long. There is no such thing! Sometimes writing out feelings helps process the emotions and takes the bite out of them. Plus, your words are echoed by so many people who do not write them out. You are helping many people just by putting your thoughts down. Thank you for taking time to reach out to others! I was listening to Dr. David Jeremiah tonight before I saw your comment. His whole sermon was about Paul’s tribulations and how Paul wrote that we are to be thankful in suffering. It is something I am not very good at, so I cannot tell you to rejoice with all you are dealing with- your own physical problems, your husband’s, plus your parents. You must feel completely overwhelmed and drained right now. I will send up extra prayers for you tonight. Please know that you are not alone.

    2. Why are you cast down O my soul?
      Psalm 42:11 (KJV) Why art thou cast down , O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God-
      I use this verse so many times when I get down. I repeat it several time out loud and it really works. I read it in Norman V. Peale’s “Power of Positive Thinking”, and, singing “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”. I will continue to pray for you.

    3. Hannah,
      I just heard a preacher, on TV, say when you are going through tough times, unbearable times, pray for someone else going through what you are or similar and God works so much faster in your own situation. It is hard, and I can do it for a couple of minutes, but I keep trying to go back to the other people suffering and it is amazing to see how God works. I’m praying for you because I know it is hard. Remember Psalms 42:11. and sing Jesus Loves Me! He does!

  8. Reading what other caregivers are going through makes my heart hurt for them and those receiving the care. My situation is much less stressful and I am praying for physical strength and emotional patience. I know God listens to my heart and I am praying for my motives to be unselfish. Thanks to all, especially Erin, for your comments.

    1. This is so sweet! Thank you for taking time to check out the prayer requests and pray for others. I am praying now for your strength and stamina. I cannot imagine you having a selfish bone in your entire body.

  9. My prayer focus today was on Psalms 139:23. It took a long time for me to honestly ask God to search
    me, I usually didn’t like what He revealed to me. When I realized He already knew all about me and loved me anyway, I could ask without fear and know what ever He showed me He would help me face it and grow through it. I am asking for my defects to be revealed and for His strength replace them with gratitude & praise. Many thanks to all the prayer warriors on this blog. Sweet dreams to all.

    1. Oooooooooooh!! That is sooooooo good & so true. We should all pray like that. This is a wonderful truth you have spoken.

  10. Today has been a tough tough day pain in my back, caregiving for my husband and his aggression has been awful, church members in hospitals and it seemed like each time I answered phone someone is sick or friends dying. I feel so “down” today I’ve tried praying, listening to soothing instrumental praise music, long hot soak, walking. Nothing seems to help today and I can’t understand why.

    1. Oh, that is so sad. I am sorry you are going through such overwhelming circumstances right now. I was on the phone with a caregiver yesterday, who reminded me of something I heard many years ago. She said, “Sometimes we are carrying someone’s pain that is not our own. When I am depressed and do not know the cause, I ask God whose pain I am carrying then I pray for that person until the sadness leaves.”

      Her ideas may or may not be the case with you right now. I did write an article about this very subject many years ago, after I listened to a man vocalize his thoughts about the subject. The reminder of this idea gives hope and encouragement- perhaps you are not in pain for yourself, but because someone else needs prayer.

  11. Thank you for praying for restful sleep last night for me. I did get in bed at a reasonable time and was rested this morning!! God hears us when we pray and HE answers to bring Himself glory!!!😘

  12. Lisa, When I can’t sleep, I quote this scripture over and over and the next thing I know, I’m asleep.
    New International Version
    In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, LORD, make me dwell in safety. Ps. 4:8
    I’ll pray you continue to get good nights of rest.

  13. Thank you to everyone who has trusted us with your prayer requests. Every need on here will be prayed over. Many thanks to the readers who are agreeing with me, in prayer, for these various needs.

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