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Write a Holiday Letter to Friends/ Family Members…

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This blog will have several posts dealing with parenting and other caregiving needs.

Look around our menu for current postings dealing with caring for yourself or caring for someone else.  If you do not currently see a post about an issue you are dealing with, it is probably slated to come out soon.  So, keep checking back with us for updates.

For now, use the comment section to tell us your specific caregiving situation and which topics you are most interested in.  Below is a very helpful letter used by caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s/ Dementia, but you can tailor it to the specific condition you are caring for.

Today’s Post

Holiday Letter About Alzheimer’s/ Dementia:

Are you caring for someone with any of the dementias?  (Alzheimer’s is one form of Dementia.)

If you care for someone who has Dementia:

The person you are caring for might have declined in physical and mental health, since the last time you visited with out of town guests.

One way to ease tension during holiday visits is to apprise your friends and family, of your situation, ahead of time.  You might consider writing your loved ones, before your visit, to prepare them.  Below is an example of a letter/ email you could send out.


Letter to send to friends/ family ahead of the holiday:

Dear _________,

We are looking forward to seeing you for the holidays.  I thought it might be helpful for you to understand our current situation before we see each other.  You may notice that ________  has changed since we last visited.  There are some days that are better than others.  Since I do not know if our visit will take place on an up day or a down day, I wanted you to be aware of the following.

Some of the changes, since we last saw you, are ___________.  Because ________ has a hard time remembering and thinking clearly, his/ her behavior is a bit unpredictable.  Please understand that he/ she may not remember you or may confuse you with someone else.  Do not be offended because he/ she does not mean to do this.  Please just interact as you would normally, with a smile, a hug, and your usual exchanges.  I appreciate your consideration more than you could possibly know.



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