Burden Breaker

Are you burdened?

Do you feel stressed as a parent?  Are you a single parent?  Do you feel like a single parent?

“I’m married to Tom, but I might as well be a single parent.”  Josie told our group of friends about her struggles at home.  “Tom leaves before the kids get up every morning, he works hard, then when he comes home he wants to be left alone.”

Alexis agreed.  “I don’t want anything bad to happen to my husband, but if something does happen to him, I will never get another husband.  It is too much stress trying to keep the house run, all by myself, while he is enjoying TV, video games, sports, and hobbies.”

Marie was burdened in a different way.  Marie, and her husband, were tying to raise a child with special needs.  “It takes both my husband and I working around the clock to care for our child.  We don’t want to put Tommy in a residential program, but lifting Tommy each day has caused tremendous problems on our joints.  My husband had a shoulder replacement and two hip replacements already.  We are only in our forties, but have the bodies of a seventy-year-old couple.”

Can you relate?

Do any of the above scenarios sound familiar?  Can you relate to one of the situations?  Or, perhaps you are going through Cancer.  Maybe you are single dad, the spouse of someone with a chemical dependency, a widow, caring for an elderly parent, or going through infertility.  Whatever is causing you to be burdened, weighed down, stressed out, and exhausted, can be found in timeless ways throughout history.

I have a 92-year-old friend who inspires me with his quotes.  He says, “If it is true, it isn’t new.  And if it is new, it isn’t true.”

“Whatever problem you are dealing with, you can find the answer in the Bible.  The Bible may not mention drugs specifically, but it does talk about people who had other idols in their lives.”  He says such amazing quotes, like this, every time he speaks.

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Look to the book:

He is correct about looking in the Good Book.  I have a scripture that I underlined many years ago which correlates perfectly with burdened parents and guardians.  In the book of Numbers, we see Moses exhausted.  Numbers 11:14 says, “I am not able to bear all these people alone, because the burden is too heavy for me.”

Does this verse resonate with you?

If you are burdened and stressed, then you are in good company.  Moses had those feelings, yet he saved a nation and has been talked about for thousands of years.  His name is so famous that many people of other religions, or no religion, recognize it.

Moses conquered many things prior to his statement in verse 14.  He had face-to-face meetings with the powerful Pharaoh, saw outstanding miracles from Heaven, and helped lead the greatest escape of a large number of people.  Moses was a believer of the truest form, but when it came to people complaining he was worn thin.

The burden problem and the burden solution:

I actually stumbled upon this jewel of a scripture long before I read the antidote.

~The problem in Moses’ life: a burden put on him by people
~The solution for us all: A Burden Breaker

What was the antidote to Moses’ dilemma?  A person, sent to earth as a baby.  Isaiah 9:4 prophesied of Jesus breaking our burdens.  It says, “For You have broken the yoke of his burden And the staff of his shoulder…”

Doesn’t that sound amazing, uplifting, encouraging, motivating, and rejuvenating?  Do you catch a glimpse of hope when you realize that you do not have to go through troubles alone?  You might not have a human to talk to, or to enjoy life with, but you are not alone.

break free of stress and burdens


Relief from the burdens!

How do you spell relief?  Three simple letters- GOD.  Are all of your problems going to magically disappear? No.

There will always be problems, whether we serve God or not.  The world will be filled with troubles, even if we believe God or if we deny Him.  But, I would rather go through trials knowing I can talk to Him, instead of trudge through life alone.


What did we learn about life today?  We learned there will always be burdens.

What did we learn about God today?  He is our Burden Breaker.

Shouting time!

That, friends, is shouting time in the household of faith.  Take a praise break to bless His name.

When you are done, leave a comment about how God has been speaking to you.  What is He showing you?  Which scriptures bring you the most peace?

Share each other’s burdens:

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4 thoughts on “Burden Breaker”

  1. Thank you for the entry today oh how I can relate. There is something puzzling me this advent season. In the 6th month the angel appeared to mary about the fulfillment of Jesus. Elizabeth, Mary’s aunt, John the Baptist mom, was 6 mos pregnant in her old age. John the Baptist came preparing the way for Jesus. For some reason this year 6 months keeps popping out at me. I feel God is preparing me for something in 6 mos. I’m marking my calendar and praying will there be a significant change with myself or my husband that I’m taking care of? Or not? I do not know but I do feel 6 mos is time that God is conditioning me for whatever is ahead. Do you think I’m over rationalizing this??

    1. If God keeps bringing it back to you, then He is highlighting something for you. Have you looked up the number 6 to see what it references? I read a wonderful newsletter about the number 7 recently and what God could be saying to us in the year 2017. There are some excellent Biblical scholars who know the meanings of numerical values. But, if you feel like God is saying something to you specifically about 6 months from now, ask Him how He wants you to prepare. Please write back as more is revealed to you. This is fascinating and we would love to hear how God is speaking to you.

  2. When I’m stressed or just don’t know what to do, I just keep saying Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! It is soothing and starts to clear my mind and help me to get calmed down. Also, saying The Lord’s Prayer works wonders. I may say it over and over and over. He is always ready to hear and help when every we call out His name. It is wonderful to have a Friend like Jesus! Thanks for all the wonderful information in this blog. You will never know how helpful it is. Thanks!

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