Suggestions for Caregivers

Christmas gifts for caregivers and for people with Alzheimer's


Are you at a loss for something to give a caregiver?  Are you a caregiver who is unsure of what to ask for.  Read on to discover several tried-and-true gift ideas.

Shopping for a Caregiver

A few weeks ago, we listed one of my favorite gifts to give caregivers.  If you missed that post, it is included toward the bottom of this one.

Today, I have even more gift ideas for you.  Whether you are frugal or frivolous, there is something on this list that will be a winner for your caregiver friend.

Gift ideas for someone who is taking care of another person, animals, or their own health-

If you are a caregiver, and friends have been asking what they can buy you, here is a simple list you give them.  This will take the pressure off of both you and the people who want to give you a gift.  So many caregivers are modest about asking for what they need.  If you are having a difficult time asking for something that is needed, try printing the following list.  You can tell your loved ones that you found the ideas on

Quick and easy gifts:

1. Wipe off message board with pen and eraser
2. Frozen casseroles
3. Relaxing music
4.Large print wall calendar

Fun ideas for gift bags/ baskets:

  1. A gift basket with non-perishable food items and snacks (ask the caregiver what their favorites are).
  2. A “relaxation” bag with wonderful scents, lotions, bubble baths, essential oils, etc…
  3. A “winterizing” basket with fun items for the caregiver who might be stuck inside their home.
  4. A “stress box“.

gift card ideas:

  1. Laundry service
  2. Housecleaning
  3. Car washing
  4. Magazine subscriptions (ask the caregiver if he/ she has a favorite)
  5. Babysitting for children, or Adult Day Care for a person with Dementia
  6. Hair appointment
  7. Restaurants that offer take out
  8. Yard work, etc…
  9. And, don’t forget the fun activities for the caregiver- gift cards to the movies, nail salon or golf, etc…

ideas for special needs caregivers:

Does the person you are shopping for take care of someone with special needs?  Consider the following:

Adaptive home equipment, such as:
    1. Handrail
    2. Ramp
    3. Child-proof doorknobs
    4. Safety knobs for the stove
    5. Tub rails
    6. Curtains for mirrors and reflective surfaces (for someone with Dementia)
    7. Black round rugs to position in front of exit doors (for people with Dementia)
    8. Handheld shower
    9. Dimmer switch
    10. Monitoring devices
    11. A door alarm that will sound when someone tries to leave the house
    12. Safety locks
    13. Safety bracelet for the caregiver and the person receiving care
    14. Large numbered digital clock, with date and weather
    15. Tracking device if the person you are caring for drives


creative ideas:

  1. Offer “coupons” to run errands or take the person being cared for to doctor appointments, etc…
  2. Respite care- (This is time off for the caregiver.)  Volunteer to stay with children, the person who has special needs, or the individual with Dementia.  Or, offer to pay for the person, who is being cared for, to stay at approved facility.

While shopping for the caregiver, if you are giving them a practical gift, please remember to give them something whimsical as well.

For an additional list of gift suggestions, click here.  Resources for people struggling with caregiving, grief, or questions can be found in our menu.

The book I suggested a few weeks ago:

For several years, I have suggested this writer’s resources to caregivers.  Not only is her original book title priceless, it is also proven.  She has sold many copies in the US, and she is surpassing her expectations in Japan as well.

Rebecca understands caregiving from a personal perspective.  She cared for her mother until her mother passed away.  I know you will smile when you read the title of her first book- “Diary of a Mad Caregiver”.  The name alone lets you know that you are not the only one who has various caregiving emotions.

Check out Rebecca Collins’ resources at the following link:

Caregivers, pass these tips along:

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7 thoughts on “Suggestions for Caregivers”

    1. The only caregiver at this time is me. I haven’t figured out how to give my self a day in bed just looking out the window and thinking about God’s goodness. Bless you for you kindness in bringing this together.

      1. That is beautiful- a day in bed, looking out the window and thinking about God’s kindness! I love that thought 🙂 If we do not have the opportunity here, on earth, we will get it in Heaven one day 🙂 Thank you for your sweet words!

  1. What a great list of ideas! I’d like to add another idea. Essential Oils are growing in popularity these days as they have wonderful wellness benefits and are all natural! My family and I have found such wonderful benefits to using them. I have not felt this good or had this much energy in years! I would LOVE to speak with anyone who is interested in learning about the oils I use and believe to be the best brand. Please contact me if you want to learn more at or visit my website to learn more about the products as well as see testimonies from many others at
    I have an online Facebook party Sunday night so please email me if you want an invitation!

    Additionally, I have begun a blog about my own wellness journey so feel free to check it out at

    Thank you so much! Brooke

    1. Brooke, I love this!!! The Facebook party idea is wonderful- wish I had FB so I could join in. And, I have enjoyed the oil I ordered from you. 🙂 Thanks for letting us know about your online party, that is so fun.

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