Useful Items for Caregivers

Are you having a difficult time deciding what to get the hard-to-shop-for person? Do you come up short on ideas for gifts for caregivers?

Here are some of my favorite ideas for caregivers!

Before I go to some of the ideas below, I just want to mention that there is an entire page dedicated to my favorite books. Click here to see some the books I love when I am asking “why, when, what, etc…”

Read on to find some handy and fun gifts to buy yourself or a loved one.

  1. This first item was one of the most useful presents we bought for my grandmother. It is a large print digital clock with the date and temperature.  There are several versions of this type of clock, but keep in mind some specific features when you are shopping. If you are providing care to someone who has difficulty keeping track of the date, time, or whether it is day or night, purchase something large enough so they can read it and understand all those concepts.

2. The next idea is more for the caregiver.  A paraffin wax min-spa.  We ordered three of these one Christmas for the women in our family who suffer with arthritis or fibromyalgia. My mother-in-law was prescribed these treatments by her doctor’s office each week for her arthritic feet. This gift is a way to feel the similar effects of the clinic without having to travel to the doctor’s office or pay a copay.

3. Thirdly, here is an idea I spoke about in an earlier post about gift suggestions.  Look into buying a USB port that is actually a bracelet. The USB port contains your health information and the information for the person you are caring for.

Many EMS now use mobile laptops when they are dispatched. The USB port bracelet can go into their laptop and they will have the information immediately. This is especially useful in the event of an unfortunate accident or a time where you may be unconscious.

4. Next, is another piece of jewelry I could shout from the rooftop. I know I sound like a broken record when it comes to safety. In 12 years of meeting new caregivers each month, I must have mentioned this next item at least 144 times.  So, it must be worth repeating again. If you are providing care for someone and you do not know what to do first, please start here.

A great place to start:

Please get your contact information, and the basic health information of the person you are caring for, on a piece of jewelry that can be seen by anyone. You never know when the tragic or unthinkable will render you (the caregiver) unable to talk. The best case scenario would include you (the caregiver) also wearing a necklace or bracelet that read something like, “If I am hurt, please call______. I have a sick loved one home alone”.


5. Fun activity:  If you are looking for something to do with the person you care for, you might want a simple scrapbook/ photo album. For those of you who have no time to print pictures, skip this idea. But, for the caregiver who is looking for activities to do or ways to assist memory building/ recall, scrap booking may be for you.

6. This next item is for those of you who want to watch TV without the vulgarity.  Vidangel was recommended on Focus on the Family and I am interested in trying it out.

7. For those of you who need to monitor your loved one while they sleep in another room, or you need to keep watch over your house so items do not disappear, consider purchasing a simple monitoring system.

8. Help with research:  Many caregivers do not have time to do the necessary online research.  Some caregivers do not have access to the internet, and even more caregivers do not understand how to use the online world to their advantage.  If you know a caregiver in any of these scenarios, please give them the gift of your time.  Volunteer to research financial, medical, and other questions.

Here are a few of the websites I have recommended to caregivers over the years.  None of these websites endorse our blog.  Clicking the links below will take you to their sites.

Additional sources:

  • For people suffering from grief:                   
  • For marriage, family, and parenting issues:
  • For people who have a hurt, habit, hangup or an addiction:
  • The National Institute on Aging:                       
  • Guide for choosing a nursing home:               
  • The Epilepsy Foundation:                                 

For further reading:

Rebecca Collins, whose books are mentioned in various posts, has an additional list of resources that you will find handy.  Please access her list by using her link:


I really could continue this list for several pages (and clog your computers with 12 years worth of ideas) but I will truncate the list for now. If you would like to read more gift suggestions, please click here.  Also, check back for future posts with more ideas.

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What about you?

After reading this post and the previous post of gift suggestions, what would you add?  Is there anything you need or want as a caregiver?

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4 thoughts on “Useful Items for Caregivers”

  1. Waxing from Tiny Eco Spa! She brings the wax, table, and everything to your home, which is great for caregivers who don’t have the ability to leave their home to go get waxing. ( Cumming, GA

  2. I’ve found lately when shopping my husband wants toys, or black velvet coloring picture. I was skeptical but he started coloring & he stayed in the lines, he did just a little bit of coloring on first try but he did it!!! I kept expressing how good he did & how proud I was of him. He smiled

  3. Fabulous!! So happy to hear about the new black velvet coloring book! You are very in tune with his needs. Your perception paid off- he is smiling and enjoying himself. I love this idea. Thank you for sharing your helpful insight with others. Many other readers can use this same idea.

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