Dreaded Events

Is there an event you are dreading this Christmas?

Is there an appointment or event you are dreading?  Please read on to discover an insight into dread…

What do you dread?

So many people are lonely, depressed, and grieving.  Multitudes of individuals have either lost a loved one, were never able to have children, or have bad memories of family gatherings.

Do you have somewhere you feel you need to go, but you loathe the thought of attending?  If you have an event you dread, even if it is for superficial or selfish reasons, please read on.

Personal dread:

I was met with this very challenge a few weeks ago.  There was an event I did not want to attend.  As the day approached, I sat down to seek God’s advice.

His Words, in Matthew 6, jumped out at me.  I was concerned about myself but God was concerned about the entire world.  It only took two words from the Lord’s Prayer for me to see my selfishness.

“Our Father,” are the first two words of the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6.  Those first two words say multitudes.

The Babe who taught us how to pray:

The Babe, who was born to Mary, grew up to teach us how to pray.  When He showed us the way to address God, He did not ask us to look at God as if He were our own personal genie or Santa Clause.  Instead, Jesus told us to remember that God is the Father of everyone.  The Lord is not “my Father”; He is “our Father”.

When I realized what God was saying to me, I understood that He wanted me to be more interested in His children than I was in myself. The Lord led me to pray for people I would be seeing at the event, rather than pray for myself.

Is there something you are dreading ?

If you are dreading a family gathering, an office party, a community function, a doctor’s appointment, or some other event, consider joining me in the following prayer.

Let us pray like the Messiah prayed:

“Lord, You are not just my Father, You are also the Father of everyone on earth.   That means that You are the Father of people who do recognize You, and people who do not recognize You, as Father.

Father of all people, when I have to go somewhere I do not want to go, please help me not to be selfish about it.  Instead of only thinking about how much I do not want to be there, help me to realize that the other people involved are Your kids too.  Help me to focus on reaching out to them, rather than dreading the event.

  • As I get dressed, help me to spend more time putting on my spiritual armor than I spend fussing over what to wear.
  • When I arrive, help me to enter the room looking to uplift someone else, rather than worrying about who will speak to me.
  • If no one compliments me or greets me, let me seek out people I can greet and compliment.
  • Rather than trying to sit in the middle of the “fun” group, help me to search out people on the outskirts.
  • Instead of being divisive and trying to gain my own popularity, help me to reach out to people who are shy or insecure.

Lord, when Your Son entered the world, He could have been born in any circumstance, but he chose to associate with the lowly.  Your Son could have come to earth as a baby born to a queen.  He could have arrived as the son of a Pharaoh or a monarch, and He could have brought about change from the top down.  Your Son could have ruled the world from a palace of gold.

However, the King of Kings chose an unknown, simple couple.  He chose a manger.  Your Son made the decision to reveal Himself to the lowliest of all occupations- Shepherds.  Rather than a grand baby shower, of unequaled proportions, He chose hay and simple farm animals.  Lord, if Your Son would make the decision to associate with the lowliest of people, who am I to think that I should draw attention to myself?

Father, when I arrive at a gathering, help me to focus on others just like Jesus focused on others.  Your Son was focused on other people so much that He gave His life for us.  Lord, how can I not give up my reputation as well?

Yes, Lord, when I refer to You as Father, You are Father of all.  Thank You for this wonderful reminder as I leave my home.  Please help this awareness to always remain on the forefront of my mind.  Amen.

What about you?

Caregiver, the prayer above may not benefit you at all.  You may be like my mother.  She always greets everyone with a smile and a hug.  She looks for others to bless and does not meet a stranger.

Or, perhaps you are more like I was when God spoke the above prayer to me.  Let us all strive to reach out to others, even when we must go places we do not want to be.

God turned the night around.

The story of my dreaded evening has an incredible outcome!  I will write a followup post later telling you of an amazing person I met that night and the caregiving story I was told.

Plus, something else unbelievable happened at the very end of the evening- something wonderful that I never could have foreseen!  I will forever have two wonderful memories, from a place I dreaded going, all because I changed my focus.

Where do you dread going?

Do not feel condemned if you dread seeing a certain person or going to a stressful gathering.  We all have places we do not want to be.  Instead, use the comment section to write out your feelings.  Sometimes just talking about what is bothering you will relieve some of the resentment and help you feel better.

You are not alone.  You are part of a community here.  The people who read this blog understand your emotions and do not judge you when you talk about your feelings.  They sympathize with you.

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2 thoughts on “Dreaded Events”

  1. Yes, God is our Father. If we think about Him in these terms, we can handle anything. Yes, I too dread going to this certain place every week, due to someone creating a stressful situation for me. I almost stopped going to this certain place, but God keeps leading me to go and do my volunteer work anyway. I always get rewarded every week even though the situation is still there. I’m letting God handle it while I go and get my rewards thought this work. I feel better from going and each week gets easier. God will work this out for His good.

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