Prayer for Stubborn or Rebellious Children

Are you the parent/ guardian of a stubborn and rebellious child?  Do you know someone who has a rebellious child?  If you need prayer, or would like to pray for a friend who is raising a difficult child, please read on.

Are you an exhausted parent or guardian?

Some of the prayer requests I have received recently have been from parents who are past their breaking point.

One mother told me, “I am packing this girl’s bags now and sending her to her father.  Let him deal with this attitude problem.”

Another mom said, “I no longer care that I backed down on my godly values, because this child drives me crazy.  I have tried everything I know to get her to respect me and to behave, but no punishment or reward works.  Now, I just want her to graduate high school, get a job, and start supporting herself.”

“I thought motherhood would be the pinnacle of my life, but it has turned out to be the worst thing I have ever gotten into.”  Madilyn told me over lunch one day.  “This child constantly tells her father lies about me and starts fights at home.  Being a parent has destroyed my marriage.”

Rebellious and stubborn children:

Are you worn out from caregiving?

Do any of the above scenarios sound like your situation?  I have a family member who told me about some drama she incurred while raising a son who did the opposite of everything she said.  “He was born like that and he never changed.  It affected his whole life.  He was never able to obtain a good job and his marriage is in shambles.  Because he never learned to submit, his life is a mess.”

If you are worn out, beaten down, fed up, and ready to quit, please do not give in quite yet.  Do not let other people’s nightmare stories frighten you away from doing what God has called you to do.  Instead, rise up in prayer one more time.

The parent who quit praying:

I know one lady who could not pray for her child, or husband, for two full years because of the child’s antics to split up her marriage.  Another lady told me yesterday that she is no longer going to pray for her family, because every time she prays the situation gets worse.

If this describes you, tell God these feelings.  He already knows your thoughts and He sees what is on your broken heart, so go ahead and verbalize it to Him.  God will not be surprised or offended.

God answers prayer.

Several years ago I had two friends who simultaneously went through horrendous experiences with their teens.  We prayed and saw dramatic outcomes.  Although the results took a while, it is impossible to imagine their children lived the lives they did.  Both of the teens grew up, graduated, and went on to live productive lives as good citizens.

I have also read stories about various people who were victims of childhood abuse.  Now they are free from the trauma and scars.  Yes, God hears our prayers.

A simple prayer for children who are disrespectful and disobedient:

If you have run out of words to pray for your children, like the men and women who requested prayer recently, I encourage you to try praying the following:

Dear Lord, I am done with the disrespect, meanness, and disobedience of this child.  Lord, I am weary from praying.  Please revitalize me to pray again.  Father, please give me Your supernatural strength to rise up in prayer one more time.

Lord, even if my prayers go completely unanswered, I still trust that You have a plan for this situation.  You love this child more than I ever could and You want what is best for him/ her.  Father, You also want what is best for me, so during these trying times of sleepless nights and overwhelmingly stressful days, please help me to draw closer to You.

Father, I am exhausted from the lies, division, underhanded deviousness, marital strife, headaches, and physical sickness as a result of this child’s behavior.  The way he/ she tells lies to teachers, friends, family members, and acquaintances has unraveled my last nerve.  Please reveal truth to all these people he/ she has lied to.  Bring things to light we all need to know that will be in the best interest of this child.

I cannot do this anymore.  Please take the burden of this situation and turn it into something that will glorify You.  In the meantime, I ask for You to give me joy unspeakable through this unimaginable pain and grant me peace that can come only from You.  Amen.

Pass along the prayers to other caregivers.

Caregiver, I pray you will be blessed as you pray for yourself and your friends. If you would like to share this prayer with others, please feel free to share using the social media buttons.

Additional Prayer:

Do you need prayer?  Click on the Prayer Wall and leave us your request.  You may request prayer using a fake name, your initials, or the word anonymous if you would like.

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Further resources:

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7 thoughts on “Prayer for Stubborn or Rebellious Children”

  1. I just read this pray of a disobedient, disrespectful, devious, children. I know of a 16 year old who is determined to destroy her mother and dad’s marriage. It is destroying the whole family. Yes, I am tired of praying for her and every time I do, things do get worse.

  2. Thank you, Donna, for letting us know how we can pray for you. This post has been linked with Parenting Children in Who God Created Them To Be. To read Crystal’s uplifting post, from her blog, please click this link: This post has been linked to “Hope for the Frazzled Mom”. To view more posts, similar to this one, please visit this link- Also, this has been linked with Mommy Moments at lifeoffaithblog. To read more from Mommy Moments, please click here:

  3. I know someone in this same situation. The prayer fits this situation perfectly. Thank you for the prayer and I will be praying this prayer for this dear person in this situation with a teenage daughter.

  4. This site is such a needed resource. Parenting a rebellious child or child with mental health issues is grueling work. There is much love, yet where there is that love, there is much grief. Support isn’t always available within the community at large. Instead there is judgement because their needs are not on the outside but hidden within. Thank you for sharing this hope with us at #MomentsofHope!
    Lori Schumaker

    1. Thank you, Lori, for stopping by. It is such an honor to have someone, with your experience, share such valuable truths with us. You are correct that there is judgement and not support when it comes to rebellion and mental health issues. Lori, you are someone who gives support and not judgement. Thank you for always encouraging others.

    1. It is an honor to pray for Gabriella, Suzie. I am writing down your request now and praying for you. Recently, I heard an excellent sermon about praying for doors- pray for doors to be closed to bad influences and doors to open for good friends. Stay strong, like the heroes of faith in Hebrews 11. God has a good plan for Gabriella (Jer. 29:11).

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