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Technology to help caregivers…

Approximately two years ago I took an online course about Apps for Caregivers.  It was a course I chose to help keep me current in my CEUs, while expanding my mind as well.

Apps and irony:

The irony of me signing up for this particular Continuing Education Unit is that I did not possess a Smartphone.  However, most of the caregivers I worked with did have Smartphones so I stretched myself in order to present them with useful information.

Calling all caregivers!  Please give your input about these and other apps after this post.

Please note, the apps below will not be inclusive, some might be obsolete now, and I have never tried any of them.  However, I do think this information is extremely helpful to caregivers.  Also, I would love to know which apps you like best for caregiving and which ones you would not recommend.  Please leave your ideas about this post in the comment section.

1. CareZone

First, let’s look at CareZone:

  • Features a profile to log pertinent information about the person you are caring for.
  • Does not track medication schedules or send reminders.
  • You may invite friends and family to join you and become helpers.  (This appears highly valuable.)
  • Medication tracking.
  • Shareable journal to log observations and photos.
  • Free.
2. Caring Ties

Next, Caring Ties:

  • Free.
  • Web app.  Not available for iPhone, iPad, or Android currently.
  • Perfect for individuals who do not have Smartphones.
  • Medical information log.
  • Features note taking, list of medications,  and reminders.
3. Mobicare

Thirdly, Mobicare:

  • Free.
  • Available for iPhone and Web.
  • Features a profile of your loved one.
  • Basic symptom tracking.
  • Is being updated to include better functionality.
4. Unfrazzle

Next, Unfrazzle:

  • (In my personal opinion this one gets bonus points for the name alone!)
  • Only available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.
  • Free
  • Features to-do lists and journals.
  • Connect with other family members.
  • Track virtually anything.
  • Con- it is extremely tech-savvy with a steep learning curve.
  • Con- this was not developed solely for caregivers, but for general life purposes
5. Lotsa Helping Hands

Finally, Lotsa Helping Hands:

  • Free
  • Available on iPad, iPhone, and as a web app.
  • Not available for Android.
  • Features- you can track information about helpers, schedule assistance from registered helpers.
  • Helping hands message board to send encouragement.

Stay tuned for more apps.

Please research these further since I do not have the name of the course I took to refer you back to my original source.  The above list only includes the free apps.  There are many apps that require a fee which we will post at a later date.

For more ideas about handy items for caregivers, check out these links:

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Caregivers, what apps do you suggest?

Please leave us further information about apps you would recommend or not recommend for other caregivers.  You do not have to go into detail, if you do not have time.  A simple name or link will be fine.  Plus, you are not required to leave your full name or other information.  Feel free to use a false name or initials.

We love to hear from you!  If you feel this information would be helpful to others, please share this with as many people as you like.  We have included social share buttons for your convenience.

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2 thoughts on “Helpful Apps for Caregivers”

  1. Today I added the relax melodies app to phone. They have an app for iPhones or androids. This is so relaxing!! Meditation, music, sounds, timers etc hope that you will like it

    1. Wonderful!!!! Thank you for this tip! I just received another written note to contact a caregiver in need. This is exactly the kind of tip that could benefit her. Your helpful advice is going to lift the spirits of many people.

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