WIN NEW JEWELRY, Plus Answers to Our Poll

Please read on to discover how you can win new jewelry, plus read the answers to our most recent poll…

Before we get to our amazing prize…

Coming up soon, we will have more posts about taking care of our physical and mental health.  Recently, I have been conducting an informal “man-on-the-street” type of interview for upcoming posts.  The answers have been fun and engaging.  Some of the answers are in the comments that are located at the very bottom of this post.  The answers I received in person are here:

More or Less…

1. In life, what do you wish you had more of?

  • **24 % of the respondents said they wish they had more time!!
  • **12% of the people said they want more money

The other answers are as follows:

  • Family time with God, not just a family that goes to church on Sundays.
  • Peace
  • Respect
  • Wisdom
  • Love and Financial Security
  • Patience
  • Strength
  • Space
  • God
  • Metabolism
  • 2 People said they just want more love
  • Friends
  • Joy
  • Discernment- hearing and recognizing the voice of the Holy Spirit
  • Energy
  • Time with loved ones

2. In life, what do you wish you had less of?

  • **27.7% of the respondents said they want less stress
  • **22% used similar words- some people said they want less worry and some said they want less problems

The other responses are as follows:

  • Lies & Lip Service
  • Responsibilities
  • Disappointment
  • Pain
  • Love Handles
  • Drama
  • Politics
  • Bills
  • Racism
  • Work

thank you to everyone who participated, either in person or online!  stay tuned for upcoming posts addressing most of the answers you gave.

How would the pets answer?

Just for fun, I was thinking about how my animals would answer the questions.  If my cat could talk, she would say she 1) wants more servitude from me and 2) wishes she did not have as many people trying to pet her.  My dog would say she 1) wants more steak 2) wants less hard, nutritious dog food.

Now, let’s get to the important part of this post- winning new jewelry!

How can you win new jewelry?

Yes, you can win brand new jewelry with no strings attached.  If you live in the continental United States, you will not be asked to pay shipping and handling.  The winner will have the jewelry mailed to him or her free of charge.

Your eyes do not deceive you.  This giveaway is not too good to be true.  Winning is simple- comment on various posts of your choosing.  You do not have to use your real name.  You may choose to use your initials, a false name, or the word “anonymous”.

Your email address will not be seen by others, sold to a third party, or receive emails from this blog.  That piece of information is collected to insure you are a real person and to give us a way to contact you if you are the winner.

Why comment?  This is your blog and the comments create community. When you leave advice, you are building up the readers.  And, during the times you need to vent, others can relate .  You are not alone in your feelings, and you are helping others to know they are not alone.

Just like our last prize, the new contest is not sponsored by the prize.  We do have new earrings and a necklace to give away though.

The drawing will be held in August.  If you are unsure how to comment on a post, read through some of the earlier posts to see how other people commented.

Simply scroll through the blog pages to find posts you are interested in, then comment on those.  We have craft ideas, recipes, posts about pets, motivations, pages about emotions, and posts about taking better care of yourself.

The more comments you make, the better your chances of winning.  (Read our comment policy by clicking here.)

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  1. Thanks to everyone who has contributed this far. After collecting several answers, I am reminded of the bumper sticker that reads, “More Wag, Less Bark”. Stay tuned because I will have all the answers compiled for you next week.

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