Make Special, Part 3

caregiving can be special
Life can be a bit monotonous and mundane at times.  People can trudge through daily life not expecting anything special to happen. If you need an occasional reason to celebrate or if you just want something to do that is out of the ordinary, please read on…

Easy ways to turn ordinary days into extraordinary days:

Welcome to part three of Make Special!  In the event you missed part one or part two of our fun holidays series, please click on the blue underlined words for those posts.
“Goof Off Day” was on March 22 and “Smoke and Mirrors Day” was on March 29.  Do not worry if you missed those special days.  We have many more silly holidays that you can celebrate, which will help take the mundane out of ordinary life.

Humorous Holidays for April, May, and June:

Read the list below to see if you can find something to laugh about-


2- Children’s Book Day
7- No Housework Day!! (I can hear the shouts of joy for this one!)
9- Name Yourself Day
16- Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day
17- Blah, Blah, Blah Day
23- Talk Like Shakespeare Day
30- Honesty Day


1- Lei Day
9- Lost Sock Memorial Day (Love this! If anyone has some fun crafts for socks, please let us know.)
10- Windmill Day
14- Chicken Dance Day
17- Pack Rat Day
21- I Need a Patch for That Day
29- Memorial Day (Many thanks to all the members who have served in our armed forces and condolences to those families who have lost someone.)


2- Rocky Road Day
4- Hug Your Cat Day (I will never attempt this one.)
12- Red Rose Day
14- Flag Day
17- Apple Strudel Day
20- American Eagle Day
23- Let it Go Day
29- Camera Day

What are you looking forward to celebrating?

If you are looking for something to celebrate during the entire month, April is known as Jazz Appreciation Month, May is Photo Month, and June is Camping Month. Naturally, we cannot mention the month of April without talking about our April Fool’s pranks.  In the comments below, please write about your favorite pranks.
What is your favorite?
We would also love to hear which of the humorous holidays are your favorites. Since there is not enough room to mention each holiday of every day of the month, please let us know which holidays you wish were included on the list and which holidays you would make up.
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6 thoughts on “Make Special, Part 3”

    1. Maree Dee, Thank you for stopping by. I love that you have something so special to look forward to in May! Congratulations! That is wonderful 🙂

    1. Sebastian, Thank you for stopping by and for your words of encouragement. This is quite a compliment coming from a writer such as yourself.

  1. April Fools Day 1978!! My grandfather had passed away in march & I did don’t want my grandmother to be lonely I spent the night with her & I kept telling her I was going to get her on April fools. I was 14 then. Anyway April fools day is here & as she & I woke up she looks at me how did you get the black eye? I jumped up looked in mirror realizing she had pranked me first!!! This was the best April fools day ever for so many reasons. I hung up April fools pranks after that lol

    1. Hannah, I love your story! This is priceless! Thank you for sharing this heartfelt and touching story! I do not blame you for hanging up April Fool’s Day after that- you can never top April 1, 1978. 😀😀😀

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