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Everyone is a caregiver to some degree.

You may be taking care of your own physical and mental health, or taking care of another person. Regardless of who (or what) you are taking care of, the following test is for you.

Caregiver Stress Test

Caregivers, your job is an important one, although it can be extremely stressful.  Stress is a given, so please keep in communication with your physicians and do all that your doctors ask.  Additionally, you may consider seeking out a qualified counselor to talk to.

The list, on this page, is written for friends and family members of caregivers.  Many caregivers do not associate the stress of caregiving with their psychological and physiological distress.  As the friend of a caregiver, please be aware of the signs of stress and help your friend seek medical treatment.

Stress test-

Below is a quick list of some of the warning signs of stress:

  1. panic attacks
  2. depression
  3. withdrawal from people and activities the person once enjoyed
  4. inability to concentrate and accentuated forgetfulness
  5. onset of accident- proneness
  6. itchy skin, hives, rash
  7. inability to get rid of colds and illness
  8. bad dreams and recurring nightmares
  9. stomach in knots
  10. clenched teeth
  11. tightness in chest, heart palpitations, trouble breathing, or ache in chest (**Please note, that this needs to be examined by a medical doctor in the event that something far worse could be going on.)
  12. cravings for fatty foods and strong desires to drink or smoke more than normal
  13. headaches
  14. loss of perspective and loss of sense of humor
  15. anger and resentment
  16. loneliness
  17. fear and anxiety
  18. accentuated hyperactivity
  19. diarrhea, constipation, or queasiness
  20. profusely sweating or inability to stay warm
  21. severe exhaustion that is not alleviated by sleep

Stress Relief:

This blog contains several pages written about stress relief.  Here is just one post about stress relief.  Check out the menu for additional stress relieving topics.

What about you?

We would love to hear from you. Which of these signs do you experience the most?  What tips would you give someone who is under extreme stress? Leave your answers in the comment section below.

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9 thoughts on “Caregiver Stress Test”

  1. I do not typically write a comment immediately after a post, but I wanted to get the ball rolling by something comical. Many of you are animal lovers, so you probably appreciate the humorous picture that accompanies this post. I actually find the picture to be stress relieving…

    1) It reminds me of the sour look my cat typically has on her face.
    2) The clown reminds me of my grandmother because she used to collect these clowns.

    If the picture above does not make you smile, I will find different pictures for the future. But, for tonight, the cat and the clown are cracking me up. 🙂 I wish all of you the very best in your efforts to care for yourself, your pets, your loved ones, and the environment. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Yes, pets can be stress relievers but can also cause stress when you have as many as I do. However, we usually all come to an understanding at bedtime and all is calm.

    1. Eileen, you are so correct about pets causing stress at times. I can only imagine how stressful it is to manage their medicines, vet visits, diets, and their own demands for attention. It is such an honor to have you in our caregiver community. You represent the unsung heroes of our nation- the people who are selflessly giving of their time, money, resources, and love for creatures who go overlooked. I hope to be more like you one day. Thank you for all you do for such a precious group of dogs!! (And, I love the way you phrased your evenings as you all come to an understanding.)

  3. I would unfortunately say I’m experiencing all of the stress quiz comments. Number 8 has been happening the last two weeks but come to think of it 2 weeks ago has been quickly changes to worsening Alzheimer’s for my husband.
    I bought some lavender essential oil put that into my diffuser, lavender is supposed to calm & relax it works great. Even helping hubby with sundowning! So I may have this going all day long lol!!!

    1. Hannah, your words are so touching. My heart goes out to you as you are experiencing so much. Thank you for reminding everyone about the Lavender oil. That is a wonderful idea! Currently, I have orange essential oil and a stress blend in my diffuser. I hope other caregivers will take your advice on the Lavender oil and I hope the readers of this blog will look at the other posts you have shared insightful advice on. You provide us with so many words of wisdom. Thank you.

  4. Eileen, you are a saint. God will really bless you for all you do to care for all these sick little fellows. You are a good Mom. Yes, I too love the way you closed out your comment. Loved it.

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