Juicing for Better Health …and Reader Poll

Caregiver, read on to discover ways you can juice.

Are you curious about the benefits of juicing?  Read on to discover what I learned 20 years ago.  Plus, we have a new reader poll.  Everyone who answers will be entered into our our next jewelry drawing…

The Benefits of Juicing

Juicing has been in the news lately. It seems to be the latest fad. Twenty years ago, I was given the following guidance from a woman named Mary. She went to a seminar about juicing and brought me her notes.

A few days later, my friend Ruth gave me my first juicer. My friend, Michelle, later attested to the healing powers of juicing after her chronic illness.  Admittedly, it took several weeks for me to adjust to:

  1. the taste of juicing
  2. the time it took to wash and prepare vegetables

There are endless stories online of people who have benefited from juicing. After meeting a sweet young woman in Publix yesterday, who was asking me about juicing, I knew it was time to dust off my juicing folder. It is my hope that the following notes, from Mary, will help you in your quest to juice.

Juicing for your health:

Always consult your doctor before beginning a new regimen. A few benefits of juicing are:

  1. Help slow the aging process
  2. Lose weight naturally
  3. Increase energy
  4. Help prevent cancer (Note- Do not stop your current orders from your physicians.)
  5. Enjoy optimum health
  6. Reduce chances of osteoporosis

Combining foods for specific needs:

Specific food combinations target individual needs. Here are some of the juice recipes you may want to look up online or ask your natural healthcare practitioner about:

  1. Help ease arthritis pain
  2. Gain more energy
  3. Reduce headaches
  4. Build a healthy immune system
  5. Fight sickness
  6. Reduce headaches
  7. Fight second-hand smoke and pollution
  8. Aid better digestion
  9. Stress reduction
  10. Help lower blood pressure

Do you add fruit juice when juicing?

One question I was asked is, “Do you add fruit juice when juicing?”  The short answer is, “No.” The vegetables and the fruits actually make juice for you.  If you want to drink certain vegetables, but you want to sweeten them up a bit, add a fruit to your juicer.

Other pages, on this blog, are written specifically about which vegetables and fruits to juice. We also have recipes for juicing, so make sure to check out those pages.  Check out our menu and our categories for those options and more.

What about you?

Years ago, I wrote an entire story about a man who healed himself of prostrate cancer by juicing daily. The story was published in a book, so it probably cannot be copied on this blog. His testimony was amazing. I do not ever suggest that someone stop chemo and radiation like he did. He had a full time housekeeper who did his grocery buying and juicing for him, plus he had an unsinkable faith that most people do not possess.

Have you tried juicing?  What suggestions do you have for others?

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Stay tuned!

Please return to this blog for additional posts about stress reduction, caregiving, healthy living, enjoying daily living, pets, and numerous other tips.

In the meantime, we have another poll we are conducting.  If you missed our original poll, about “More or Less”, please click here.  Our new poll consists of two questions, that I have received fun answers to already:

  1. Name 1 thing you would like to do.
  2. Name 1 thing you are thankful you did not do.
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14 thoughts on “Juicing for Better Health …and Reader Poll”

  1. I never understood the point of juicing until your article. It sounds great though I doubt I have the time to put into it. Most of the juicing I’ve seen on TV amounted to ugly green goo they were drinking but I’m sure it’s not all like that. Maybe I’ll even get to try it some day. I could sure use some of those benefits!
    For the poll: One thing I would like to do is travel back to Australia to visit friends and see some of the sights I missed before, so long ago.
    I’m not sure what I could say for the second question though.

    1. Eileen, thank you for such sweet remarks about the juicing post! Yes, my breakfast shakes are green mush. They did take a bit to get used to. LOL! I love your answer about traveling back to Australia. That sounds like such a beautiful location to travel. It is certainly on the bucket list.

  2. Thanks to everyone who has replied already. If you have responded, but do not see your answer, it could be that your comment is political and this is not a political blog. I am looking forward to sharing all the answers I have received in my “man on the street” poll as well. Stay tuned to find out how everyone answered.

  3. Eileen, I juice in the morning. I use 1 Cup OJ or Almond/Coconut milk, 1 frozen banana (I cut up my bananas that are aging and freeze them in zip lock sandwich bags – easier to just pull one out at a time) or frozen strawberries, 1 scoop protein powder (unflavored or vanilla) and couple ice cubes. Put in blender and then drink. It is delicious. This one is just to take the place of breakfast or lunch. It is not the green, good-four-you type, but it is good for you. Try one. You will enjoy it.

    1. Fantastic juice recipe! Thank you for sharing this one with us. The idea about the bananas in the freezer is perfect. Excellent suggestion.

  4. I am enjoying these comments so much! The readers of this blog are the most wonderful readers. You interact with each other and encourage each other- exactly the way a caregiving community should.

    For the fun of it, I started thinking how my pets would answer. My dogs would say they wish they could run the neighborhood without a leash. They would be glad that they were not rescued by a group that euthanized them. (Both these dogs came from a fabulous rescue organization that I highly recommend.)

    My cat would say that she would like to catch a squirrel. She would be glad that she did not eat the mole (and the lizard) she brought home last week.

    1. Love the comments about your pets. I have a sweet heart Shih Tzu. I never know what she is thinking. She has a little mind of her own.
      One more comment on the green drink for juicing. I buy the powder green drinks at our local health food store and shake it with about 8 oz. of apple or orange juice and drink it. It isn’t as healthy as blending all the greens that are good for you, but it is a very good blend of greens that are very good for your health. I know these work and shakes are wonderful because I have a beautiful daughter who does this faithfully and doesn’t have an ounce of fat on her body. She looks great.

  5. Thanks for the post on juicing. I’ve never done this but have thought about giving it a try
    For the poll:
    1. Thankful that God gives me strength for each day
    2. So glad that I don’t drink!

  6. 1- i want life to go back to the way it was before i was a caregiver. so sad and lonely now. i want hope again.
    2- don’t know. have too many things I wish i hadn’t done

  7. All of these ideas are fantastic! I am so grateful for such an amazing group of readers. If you need prayer for your situation, please click here.

  8. 1. sit on the porch with a good book- but there is no time for that now
    2. get in much trouble when i was younger

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