Caregiver Struggles

Caregiver, what are you struggling with?

What are you struggling with?

Caregiver, this post is specifically for you.  All caregivers have challenges, struggles, and frustrations.  Read on to discover what other caregivers had to say about their situations…

Differing situations, but the same emotions…

If you are caring for yourself, you might struggle with others understanding you and relating to you.  The person who cares for pets might have financial problems and challenges that include getting help with your animals.

Parents/guardians wrestle with disrespect, unbelievable schedules, messy houses, and not enough time in the day to accomplish all that is required. Caregivers of adults struggle with loss, loneliness, money worries, time constraints, and the list goes on….

Where can you go when you are struggling?

1. The first place to start is with your primary care doctor.  If you are mentally burnt out, try a good counselor as well.

2. Do you need ideas to help you handle stress, resentment, fatigue, and worry?  Click on our menu and our categories for those tips.  Do you want to improve some of your daily routine by trying a new diet, adding pets to your home, support groups, respite care, essential oils, breathing exercises, detoxing, and more?  Check out the earlier blog posts for those suggestions.

3. In the meantime, please know that you are not alone.  We have many posts with the four words “you are not alone” in them.  “You are not alone” is a constant theme of this blog.

People who feel the same way as you:

Next, please view what other caregivers have written by clicking on the posts below and reading their comments. If you have already read the posts listed here, scroll to the bottom, of each post, to read what your fellow caregivers have written.

You, too, are welcome to enter the conversation with these amazing caregivers.  Reply to the other caregivers using the comment box.  You may use your own name, a false name, your initials, or the word anonymous.  Your email address will not be seen by anyone and it will not be sold to a third party.

You are not alone in your struggles. 

To let you know that you are not alone, simply click on the topics that are highlighted in blue:

What about you?

This blog was created to help you know that your feelings are universal and to help you come up with ideas to cope.  You are not crazy, and you are not alone.  Reading what other caregivers have written helps you know that your resentment, anger, frustration, stress, worry, anxiety, dread, and struggles are not abnormal.

Caregiver, please leave us a comment below letting us know your frustrations and struggles.  Every comment you make enters you in our drawing for new jewelry.  Click here for the details.

Your comments encourage others in their caregiving walk.  You are building the body of caregivers and helping each other. It is beautiful to witness all the support and camaraderie you have already shown each other!

Let other caregivers know that their emotions are not abnormal:

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22 thoughts on “Caregiver Struggles”

  1. After caring for my aging mother, I now look back at how fast time went by. Yes, if I had it to do over I would have done some things differently. The time does go by fast and you do have some regrets. I miss my mother and still cry sometimes wanting to talk to her. She was my strong support for many years and I hope I was for her in her later years. Try to have some fun with caregiving. The time does past by very fast, like your children growing up. Treasure the moments and do your best. If God didn’t want you to be the caregiver of a certain person or pets, believe me, you wouldn’t. He knows what is best for all of us.

    1. “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore for the former things have passed away.”~ Rev 21:4 !!!
      The pain we feel in this life can’t compare to the joy that’s coming. We find hope in that. 🙂

  2. Today 5/5/17 was exceptionally hard I took my husband for first visit with psychiatrist & I came home with my hubby being admitted to hospital. He is being admitted mainly to give me some respite care and they will adjust his medicines. The hardest part is sitting there waiting on paperwork diverting him to telling him everything is ok & I will see him soon. Knowing all the time he may never come back home & for now they don’t want me to see him all weekend it’s hard because he is like my shadow. Hearing him say I love you & sitting there me thinking look what I’m doing to you 😂😂 I am an emotional mess, my pain is out of this world, I’m going to put some lavender essential oil in my diffuser & I hope la la land in a few. Praying tomorrow will be better

    1. Don’t lose heart! Even though on the outside we are beaten down, tired, and troubled, on the inside I pray that God will give you strength and life in this day. Our troubles in the present are all leading us to an eternal glory that outweighs anything we can imagine.
      Please continue sharing your story with us and we will continue encouraging and building one another up as sisters in Christ. <3

  3. Ladies, thank you both for sharing. Your stories are remarkable! Hannah, thank you for your honesty in your current situation. You must have so many conflicting emotions, in addition to your pain. I pray today is much better for you than Friday was.

  4. My friend is a caregiver and I hear stories that make me admire these unsung heroes.
    This is a beautiful read. Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Lux G., Thank you for stopping by. I do hope some of these posts will help your friend. You are correct- all the precious people on this blog are unsung heroes. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  5. Hannah, my heart goes out to you. I can’t even imagine what you are going through. It is hard when you take a love one to the hospital, care facility, etc. and know they probably will never go home again. I had to do this for my mother and it was so painful. God will see you through this and He knows what is best for all of us. I will be praying for you and your dear husband.

    1. Thank you so much there are so many emotions & I feel like I’m afraid to make any decisions because my mind feels at a stand still right now

  6. I have a daughter who has been the caregiver of a child that was and is emotionally disturbed, due to her mother taking drugs while she was pregnant. She raised the child, who is now an older teen. The wear and stress on our family has been very hard. Maybe, someday, we will see the results, but for now, it is very, very hard. I pray a lot for my daughter and the step-daughter. Sometimes, the only thing we can do is do our best and leave the rest up to a higher power, God! He knows what you do and he is the rewarder of good deeds. I can’t thank you enough for all your information and encouragement and to see the other reader’s comments. Thanks for your wonderful knowledge and time to help so many.

  7. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the loving caregivers of this world. Just remember you are doing the best you can and you will get through it. I know it’s your best because I’ve been there with my late husband. Now I’m the caregiver of rescued dogs, now having 20 of them living in my home (chihuahuas, so they’re small). I take in the neglected, abused, “thrown away” and give them love and hope. Right now my youngest is 2 yrs. old and the oldest just turned 21 (that’s really old!) Chin up and keep doing all that you’re doing, and you are all wonderful.

  8. Thank you, ladies, for these heart-warming stories! Eileen, I love the fact that you have a new family- 20 babies! You are a hero and your fur kids are so fortunate to have you.

  9. Hannah, I have been and will continue to pray for you. It is hard to know the right thing to do during these times, but I found if I just gave it to God He will and did direct my path. All you have to do is just say help, He understands and He can and will take your burdens and problems from there. Hang in there. God has you by your hand.

  10. Eileen, I have and do admire you. Little dogs and cats have little minds and hearts too. I have a small dog and I know what she wants and what she is trying to tell me. If I am down, she knows it and will come and bring me a present – a ball, stuffed animal and even a small kiss on the cheek. Yes, they are very special and God made them too. Yes, I do admire you and send up a pray for you and your fur babies too. God made special people just like you to care for His little creatures. Be blessed!

  11. I want to thank you all for the replies to my post about my husband. As of 5/16 he is still in hospital his aggression is still out of control. I believe God knew this was coming & in His timing we went to dr and all the rest was much needed. I know God will provide for future plans Thanks for the prayers they are certainly helping

  12. I think the hardest part of caregiving is I can’t take away my child’s pain. I can only walk through it with them. I can’t help them see they are capable, they have to see it on their own. I can’t make them do the changes necessary to get better, only they can. I so want to be that person that can wipe away the mental illness.

    1. Maree Dee, Thank you for stopping by today and for your personal insight. You put into words what so many people would fear communicating. The truth of your situation hits home to many caregivers, like yourself. We all want our families to be happy and healthy (physically and mentally). And, we all want to do everything in our power to help them. Then, we come to the realization that we do not have much control over our loved one’s ability to assimilate information and make the necessary life changes. As I am reading your comment, I am praying for you. You have the true, loving heart of a compassionate and caring mother.
      Please come back for further posts, written specifically about mental illness. Last week I began a series of interviews that I am compiling on this very topic. While I am in the process of organizing those, please check our menu for pages written about anxiety, depression, stress, and the need for parents to get adequate respite.

  13. I appreciate this post as I watch my dad care for his 98 year old mother. I had no idea how stressful it is to have an aging parent. I think a site like this is a great tool for those in this kind of struggle and any caregiving situation.

    1. Amy, I am so sorry that I did not see your comment until today. Your precious words came in two days ago and I was not notified. Your father is a wonderful man to care for his mother- and she is 98. That is so amazing. Your father must be taking good care of her. Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by. I wish your father well is his caregiving. He is an extraordinary man.

  14. Amy, wow! His mother is 98. He will be in our prayers. Prayer will see him through this and give him the strength he needs. He is a blessed man to have a wonderful daughter like you who cares about her father and I know you are a big help to him. This time will pass so fast. Just be there for your father and encourage him through this time of pain and stress. We will be praying for you all!

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