Simple Air Purifiers

Simple ways to purify your air

Please read on to discover some simple and cost-effective methods to detox the air in your home or office…

Why Detox?

Many people are discussing detoxing their bodies.  This blog even contains a post about bath detox recipes.  We are trying to ensure our bodies are in the best possible condition, so we can obtain optimal health and secure our sanity during times of stress.

Air Contaminants:

We have spoken about detoxing our bodies and minds, now we will look at detoxing air contaminants within the home.  Air pollutants are common in every home.  Contaminants may be found in paints, carpets, detergents, plastics, plywood, paper, adhesives, etc….

Plants to combat air toxins:

Here is a list of air- filtering plants that can combat the toxins found in every home:

  1. Peace Lily- To keep this plant healthy, it needs filtered light and well- drained soil.
  2. Baby Rubber Plant- Try placing this plant in an east-facing window because Baby Rubber Plants thrive in bright, indirect sunlight.
  3. Aloe Vera- Keep this one in well- drained soil by a sunny window.
  4. Boston Fern- Hang your fern in filtered light. Like the others, the Boston Fern thrives in well- drained soil.
  5. Gerbera Daisy- These may be a bit tricky indoors.  They prefer bright morning sunlight and low afternoon sunlight.
  6. Snake Plant- Place this one in bright to indirect sunlight, with well- drained soil.
  7. Spider Plant- This plant prefers moist air and medium to light shade.

Purify your air using indoor plants-

Do you want more healthy living ideas?

While you are here, please let us know which house plants you have tried and what works well for you.  Additional healthy living pages are available on this blog.  Check out our menu and categories for ideas on juicing, losing weight, improving sleep, healthy teas, and much more!

Are you overwhelmed?

Many caregivers are too overwhelmed to take on an additional living object.  If you are one of the over-burdened caregivers, try reading one of the following posts instead.  Do not forget to read the comments that other weary caregivers have written.  Their ideas may be found at the bottom of each post:

Friend, you are not alone!

There are too many posts for me to list them all here, so please check our menu and our categories for additional posts on the various emotions caregivers go through.  If you know someone who could benefit from these posts, please let your friends and family know about these topics.  You may share any of these posts by using the social share buttons provided for your convenience.

What about you?

We would love to hear what works for you and what you would like to warn others to stay away from.  Many people are experiencing the same emotions as you.  Use the comment section to voice your cheers, tears, or jeers.  You will not be alone in your frustrations and disappointments.

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5 thoughts on “Simple Air Purifiers”

  1. I have several plants in my kitchen window. They are all green, easy to care for and very good for filtering the air. Also, keeping them watered helps to keep your air moist when you have the dry heat going. I love to water, separate them to share with others and just see the fresh foliage in the mornings. It is nice to keep them to carry a clipping, in a cup or plastic container (I spray paint with a pretty bright color, using cheap spray paint from Wal-Mart) to a sick shut in or new neighbor. The plants were giving to us when Mom died, so, it is a good memory and good therapy to just get in the soil and do something productive. Thanks for all your wonderful blogs.

  2. I love all the pretty pictures you put on your blog. I especially love the one you posted of your beautiful dog, Darla. She is beautiful. I miss my little one I had to have put to sleep, but it was for the best. Yes, caring for our wonderful sweet pets is fun, therapeutic and draining too! Especially when they are sick and you don’t know what is wrong. Financially it is a strain, but all so worth it. When you go home they will greet you unconditionally and they are your companion. They are a wonderful stress reliever. Thanks for your blog. We all love it!

  3. Aloe Vera, a plant I always keep around. It is wonderful for burns, cuts and even for upset stomach. Thanks for the good suggestions above. You are a very knowledgeable person and we all love and value this blog. You have given so many of us good suggestions for our loneliness, caregiving stress and just being stressed out period. Please keep up the great work. I can’t wait to read all your new suggestions and other people’s comments. Wonderful blog.

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