How to Combat Stress, Depression, and Anxiety Naturally

Simple tips for stress, anxiety, and depression.

Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, or stress?

Today’s post will give you tips for natural ways to manage unwanted emotions.  Continue reading…

Here is something simple you can try to help ease your emotional strain and tension.  Today we will look at specific essential oils to get you started on your way to better mental health.

Which essential oils should you try?

The following list of oils is simply a list that a family member gave me.  I do not sell essential oils and cannot attest to the validity of the statements regarding the oils.   The following oils are listed, in alphabetical order, along with the common uses for those oils.

1. Bergamot- Eases stress and anxiety, promotes self-confidence

2. Cedarwood- Eases anxiety

3. Chamomile- Relaxing, soothing, eases anxiety

4. Clary Sage- Eases muscle tension, anxiety and emotional stress; relaxing, uplifting

5. Cypress- Calming, soothes anger, anti-spasmodic

6. Frankincense- Calming, restorative

7. Geranium- Mentally balancing, eases stress and anxiety, uplifting

8. Grapefruit- Boost confidence, refreshing, uplifting, relieves mental exhaustion

9. Jasmine- Promotes creativity, uplifting, calming, balancing

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10. Lavender- Restorative, balancing, calming, soothing

11. Lemon- Improves optimism and focus, energizing, uplifting

12. Lime- Refreshing, uplifting, energizing

13. Mandarin- Eases nervous tension and anxiety, cheerful, revitalizing, uplifting, peaceful

14. Orange- Cheering, relaxing, uplifting, refreshing

15. Patchouli- Calming and uplifting (It has been said that this balances your emotions- if you are manic, it will bring you down and if you are depressed it will lift you up.)

16. Peppermint- Promotes concentration, relives nausea, invigorating

17. Pine Needle- Lessens apathy, mentally refreshing, motivating

18. Rosemary- Soothes tired muscles, assists with concentration, stimulates memory

19. Sandalwood- Calms, centers, relaxes

20. Spearmint- Invigorating, mentally stimulating

21. Tangerine- Relieves stress, uplifting, cheerful

22. Ylang Ylang- Inspires creativity, exhilarating

Dos and Don’ts of Essential Oils:

  1. Do not get essential oils in your eyes.
  2. Do not use without consulting a medical practitioner first.
  3. Store the oils in cool, dark location.
  4. Try a small amount of the oil before applying liberally.

Essential Oil Uses:

  1. To massage on skin, add 10-20 drops of an essential oil to 1 ounce of a carrier oil.  Adjust the amount of the essential oil depending on the person’s age and medical condition.  Never apply essential oils directly to skin unless the essential oil is purchased through a company like Young Living.
  2. To use oils in a water diffuser, add 8 drops of the essential oil per 2 1/2 cups of water.
  3. For a way to make a homemade oil diffuser, click here.

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More information about essential oils:

We have spoken about the ease with which essential oils may be purchased and used.  Please look around our menu and categories for additional posts about essential oils.  If you would like to speak with someone who knows far more about essential oils than I do, please email Brooke at

What about you?

Do you use essential oils?  Are you currently going through some challenges and struggles?  What advice do you have for others, who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress?


Do you know someone who could use some simple tips for stress reduction and better health?

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12 thoughts on “How to Combat Stress, Depression, and Anxiety Naturally”

  1. Thanks for the very informative information. I’ve been interested in using the different oils. They do make a difference. Some departments, where I work, use them and I can smell them when entering their department. The soothing, moisturizing air does make a difference with your mood, skin and mind. Thanks for listing some of the oils and what they are used for. Can’t wait to try them. Very good blog. Thanks so much.

    1. Thank you visiting today and letting us know your experience. I feel like I can honestly talk about essential oils because I do not sell them. As of now, this blog does not sell anything, so all of the posts can be unbiased. I hope you enjoy the oils. Please come back and tell us what you used and what you recommend.

  2. Thank you for visiting my site today Erin. I have just began to use essential oils and I love the results. The benefits of them have been great. Thanks for sharing this information. What you are doing here on your site is necessary. My mother cares for my father who has Alzheimer’s. It has been challenging, but God gives her the strength to persevere. So nice to “meet” you today. Have a fantastic weekend and God bless.

    1. Horace, I loved your site. My computer went down as I was visiting, so I was unable to look around more. But, I did pray for you immediately. Now that you have written about your parents, I will lift them up as well. Thank you for stopping by today. I look forward to coming back to your site again.

  3. Erin, this is great information. I use Young Living oils, but I hadn’t thought to use it for mental illness/calming down strong emotions. When you apply to the skin, where do you normally apply oils like lavender, lemon, etc?

    Thank you for sharing this post! It’s very helpful!

    1. Jeanne, I am so glad you stopped by today. Here is what I was told- apply the oils to the back of your wrists and to your temples. Since I do not sell the oils, I do not want to misspeak. However, I believe they may be applied much as you would perfume because they absorb in the same manner- behind the ears, behind the knees, etc.. I actually took this a whole new level and completely stopped applying perfume to my skin. I spray perfume on my clothes, instead, so it will not absorb into my bloodstream.
      Thank you again, Jeanne, for stopping by. I hope you will visit again. 🙂

  4. I never realized there were so many choices of essential oils that can be used. Thanks for this very informative post.
    Thanks, also, for visiting my blog again. Sorry your comment didn’t post right away. I’ve been taking a bit of a blogging break, and I didn’t see it right away.

    1. Ruth, I understand about the comments 🙂 🙂 Sometimes they slip by me as well, and sometimes they unfortunately go to spam. I suppose I will have to keep tweaking the process 🙂
      Hopefully, you have enjoyed a restful time away from blogging. Enjoy your R & R. Thank you for stopping by today.

  5. Thanks! I’ve been working to get the weed population under control in the garden. I’m picking my first green beans today and have tomatoes that should be ready soon also. My grandson was helping me, willingly!, to pull weeds and dig little holes to bury egg shells and tea leaves. He still loves to talk and ask questions and actually listen to the answers. 🙂 Sweet memories.

  6. Oh, that is so sweet! You should take lots of pictures, make a scrapbook this fall to give him later in life. These are such times and wonderful memories. Enjoy! 🙂

  7. Great list! I actually got my husband a diffuser for Father’s Day (not a traditional gift, perhaps, but he has been wanting one). We’ve used a blend of stress-busting oils a couple of times and it is nice to have the lovely scent in the house. I’m not sure if our stress levels have changed, but the scent is nice nonetheless.

  8. Now that I’m catching up on your blog I just found this article on essential oils very interesting. I may just give it a try one of these days to see if I can calm down these doggies here. They can get a bit wild (like now they’re howling and barking at nothing except that the phone rang) and several of them are deathly afraid of rain and thunder. Keeps me on my toes. Thanks for all the great info and plan to look into it more. Have a great day!!

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