Tips for Anxiety Reduction

Are you anxious?  Do you struggle with anxiety?  Please read on.

We have several posts about stress.  Today we look specifically at anxiety.  The first four ideas that are listed below are good tips for anyone seeking help with anxiety.

Seek outside help-

  1. Leave the anxiety producing situation if you can
  2. Speak with a counselor
  3. Consult your doctor
  4. Engage in a support group

If you cannot physically remove yourself from the situation-

After you have consulted your doctor and counselor, come up with a list of coping mechanisms for yourself.  There are times when you will not be able to go see your doctor immediately.  If you are experiencing anxiety, try the following 32 ideas.

32 ideas for defusing anxiety:

  • Try going outside, just for a moment, if you cannot get away for a lengthy period of time
  • Take a nap
  • Recognize that worry is not the truth- anxiety is the result of perceived threats, which may or may not occur
  • Pet an animal
  • Take a bath or a warm shower to relax
Click here to read about a relaxing detox bath recipe.
  • Fixate your mind on something other than the anxiety producing situation
  • Write in your gratitude journal 
Click here for a list of 10 positive affirmations you can make each day.
  • Massage your hand, to activate oxytocin
  • Drop shoulders, then roll your neck from side to side
  • Avoid people-pleasing (stop doing everything others ask of you)
  • Deep breathe
For a list of breathing exercises, click here.
  • Ask yourself if you are catastrophizing (making a bigger deal out of the situation than it warrants)
  • Remind yourself of other times, in the past, when you made a big deal out of something that was not as catastrophic as you assumed
  • Realize that you do not have control over the world- recite the serenity prayer to help with your lack of control
  • Think about the things that you are currently thankful for
Click here to read about making a gratitude box.
  • Do something productive, that will make you feel as though you accomplished something
  • Practice forgiveness- forgive the people who cause your anxiety and forgive yourself for having anxiety
  • Tell yourself that you are worthy of love, even though you are anxious
  • Remind yourself that you do not know all of the motives of the other people who are involved
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol
  • Think of a way you can reward yourself when the anxiety producing situation is over
To read about rewarding yourself, click here.
  • Do not allow yourself to have idle time, which can produce worrisome thoughts
  • Ask a friend how they handle stressful situations
  • Keep your essential oils nearby 
We have several posts about essential oils.  For one of those posts, click here.
  • Solicit the opinion of a trusted friend about whether your situation is as nerve-wracking as you perceive it to be- listen for the truth, not just the words you want to hear
  • Do not judge yourself too harshly- be patient with yourself and work on coping mechanisms for the future
  • Relax with a calming cup of tea 
To read about calming teas, click here.
  • Sort out your thinking like you would sort junk mail- throw away the thoughts that are not helpful
  • Never stay in an environment where your physical safety is threatened
  • Calmly think through what the worst case scenario might be and come up with three action steps you can take- knowledge is power
  • Do not deny your negative feelings, instead work toward building supportive relationships to help you manage them
  • Practice positive thinking instead of envisioning the worst
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