Blended Families

Hope for blended families:

There is hope for blended families and families on the brink of divorce.  Read on to discover that there is help.

Have you found yourself ready to give up?

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Do you need additional help?

Laura Petherbridge has built a wonderful website for blended families.  She is a life coach and author of several books about stepfamilies and divorce.

Her ministry to hurting individuals, couples on the verge of divorce, stepfamilies, and people who have been through divorce is amazing.  I had the opportunity to sit in on a workshop she conducted several years ago.  She is a phenomenal speaker, writer, and woman of God.

Tenacity, wisdom, and compassion.

The following quote is taken from her website: 

“Laura Petherbridge tackles today’s complex circumstances with tenacity, wisdom and compassion. She serves couples, women and single adults with teaching on spiritual growth, relationships, stepfamilies, single parenting, divorce prevention, and divorce recovery.”

To leave this website an go to Laura’s website, please click the following link:

You are not alone!

We use the phrase “you are not alone” many times on the blog.  If you are going through a dark time, remember that you are not alone.  Research the resources on Laura’s website.

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