When You Have Questions

Why, how, what…?

Do you have questions about why a loved one died, why there is suffering, how you can make it through another day, or how to be a better caregiver?  Here is a list of some of my favorite books that help to answer questions and give valuable information.

Below is a list of some of my favorite books, plus a few books I am anticipating reading soon:

1. first recommendation:

First, you know what a big fan of Rebecca Collins I am.  Her first book has been mentioned many times on this site.  She actually has three additional books that I recommend.  To leave this site and go over to her site, click the following link:  http://rebeccagracecollins.com/diary-of-a-mad-caregiver/

2. Secondly, I recommend anything written by Andy Andrews:

Although I have not read all his books, I have really enjoyed the books I have read.  If you do not feel like your life makes a difference, please read some of his writings.  He will help you see what a big impact one life can have on the world.  You will walk away from his books with a new appreciation of how valuable you really are.  To read books such as “The Butterfly Effect” and “The Noticer”, check out his website, or look on ChristianBook.com.  Their website is:    https://www.christianbook.com/

3. Why, why, why?

This next book is so amazing that I bought copies for friends one year at Christmas.  If you have questions, Josh has answers.  Do you wonder why?  Have you asked, “if God is good, then why is there evil”?  This book explains all that and more.  Check out the book “The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict” by Josh McDowell.

4. Frank Turek:

Frank Turek is another writer who does a fabulous job answering these same questions.  He has a television show and many books to choose from.  Look up Frank’s books on his website by typing his name in your search engine, or look him up on:   https://www.christianbook.com/

5. Lee Stroble:

Lee Stroble also has many books that delve into the deep topics.  We have several of Lee’s books on our personal bookshelf at home.  Lee is a skeptical journalist who hits hard as he tackles the tough questions of life.


Thank you!

Thank you to all my friends who added to this list.  If you have additional books that you would recommend, please leave a comment on the “gifts” post by clicking here.  Or, if you are struggling with loss and loneliness, we have a three part series you may start reading by clicking the word loneliness.

This page does not have a comment section, but please use the main blog posts to write down your thoughts about any of these topics.  Also, there are several additional pages on various topics that may be found under the menu.

Closing thoughts about caregiver questions:

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Before wrapping this up, I want to mention an excellent devotional I read, thanks to a reader of our blog.  Pastor Jeff Lane had the topic “brokenhearted” on his website (www.pastorjefflane.com).  His testimony is amazing.  From what I heard, if anyone had a reason to question God, it was Pastor Jeff Lane.  To leave this blog and read his devotional, click on the link below:



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