You are Not Alone

If you are the only person who ever reads this post, and you feel alone, then this post was meant for you.  You are the one I am writing to.

If you feel alone…

Today, if you find yourself feeling alone, you are not.  You may be taking care of a special needs child, caring for yourself during a long-term illness, providing care for a parent or spouse, taking care of patients who do not appreciate you, or caring for the neglected animals in our world.

We have said the four words “you are not alone” numerous times throughout this blog.  They will even be repeated many times during this post so you can get their message deep in your soul.  Reiterating that phrase will hopefully help you understand that you are not alone in your needs, emotions, and stress level.  There are millions of caregivers across the world.

There are too many caregivers to begin counting them all.

If I were to list all the caregiving positions around the world, we would not have room on this blog.  Just think about this looming fact.  There are caregivers of:

  1. Cancer patients
  2. Abused animals
  3. People with Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, Neuralgia, etc…
  4. Chronically ill loved ones
  5. Special needs children
  6. People battling PTSD
  7. Mentally ill and mentally challenged adults
  8. Children rescued from volatile and vulnerable homes
  9. Men and women who have returned from war
  10. Individuals with heart conditions
  11. People with MS, Lupus, Arthritis, etc…

Caregivers worldwide:

In some countries, mothers are nursing starving babies that will probably not live past their first birthday.  In other parts of the world, parents wonder where their abducted daughters have been taken.  Bridges across this nation house many homeless men, women, and children.  Nursing homes are full of geriatric patients who long to care for themselves at home, but they have no family to help them.

The list goes on and on.  We do not have time to tell of all the many physical and mental conditions which require caregiving.  Please stay tuned for upcoming posts directed at each of these caregivers.

Although we mentioned only a few different options for caregiving needs, the painful truth is that our world is overrun with people who need caregivers.  The frightening statistics, listed here, of the mass numbers of caregivers needed is intended to help you know that you are not alone.

A quick look at two examples:

  • First, I have heard that there are currently 5 million people who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in America.  If each of those 5,000,000 people had only one caregiver, that equates to 10,000,000 caregivers in America.  Most of the people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s have doctors, therapists, technicians, aids, nurses, or even additional family members who provide care occasionally as well.  That makes the grand total of caregivers far above the 5 million mark.


  • Secondly, according to the CDC in 2012, about half of all adults—117 million people—had one or more chronic health conditions.  Also, one in four adults had two or more chronic health conditions.  These particular statistics are alarming, but they are five years old.  It is horrifically mind boggling to think about how many people are suffering with long-term illnesses now.

This post is written for you!

What can you do?

You cannot undo your current situation.  As much as you would like to make yourself or your loved one healthy again, you cannot turn back the clock.

Today, I would like to leave you with a few challenges:

  1. Remind yourself constantly that you are not alone.  Other posts have been written about this very topic, so please check our menu and categories for these.
  2. Reach out to someone else.  You may try a support group, a counselor, or get in touch with someone else who feels isolated as well.  This blog has a list of community events for people living in the metro-Atlanta area.  Research your own community, if you do not live near these events.
  3. Read about others whose feelings probably parallel your own.  You might be in a different caregiving situation, but if you are a caregiver you might have some of the same frustrations and disappointments as other caregivers.

Caregivers who are walking the same path as you:

Now that you have read our list of challenges, all which begin with the letter R, scroll through the blog to be introduced to others who are in the same boat as you.  While you are reading what other caregivers wrote, you will be encouraged, gain confidence, increase your sense of optimism, find new gratitude, and leave feeling more assured.

To interact with the other caregivers, simply reply to them using the comment box.   You do not have to use your real name.  Your email address will only appear on your screen and your address will not be used for solicitation or sold.

If you are unsure about which posts to read, listed below you will find a few posts with thought-provoking comments shared by other caregivers.  Click on the links below to read the comments other caregivers have written.

Let other caregivers know that they are not alone:

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