8 Non-Chemical Causes of Depression

Is Depression Always Chemical?

Depression can stem from a variety of physical or mental causes.  I am not a physician or a counselor, so make sure you see your personal doctor and a trusted counselor.  The following list is comprised of notes from a Bible class many years ago.

8 causes of depression that are not chemical in nature-

1. Social isolation-

Relationships are an enormous part of a person’s wellbeing.  The loss of a relationship through death, divorce, or a rift can swing you into depression.  People who are going through dark times want to isolate themselves, but that is exactly when you need to reach out to others.

2. Physical problems-

A car wreck, the diagnosis of a long-term illness, chronic pain, and sickness can lead to depression.  Make sure to get your annual visit with your doctor and attend to any issues your physician might find.  You can also get involved with a support group that meets to discuss your specific illness.

3. Emotional need-

The loss of your dreams can send you in a downward spiral.  Remind yourself of the things you still have rather than looking only at what you have lost.  Find new interests and hobbies, even if you do not have much time.  Let go of your old, unrealistic goals and set new, more attainable goals instead (Psalm 43:5).  Give yourself something to look forward to each day.  Instead of focusing on the negative in life, try to find the good (Philippians 4:8).

4. Self-worth-

Do not allow another person to destroy your self-esteem.  Remind yourself of the things you are good at.  Even if someone tells you that you are wrong each day, bring to mind the things you do correctly. Your worth and value do not depend on the words of others.  If you are being physically abused, remove yourself from the situation immediately.

5. Lack of accomplishment-

Stop looking at your messy house or the projects that went unfinished.  Instead, determine to do one thing that will make you proud each week.  Set a short-term goal of something that you can accomplish this week.  Next, set a long-term goal of something you hope to complete in the next year.  Being able to see something you accomplished will give you a new sense of pride.

6. Spiritual-

Let go of the things you are not proud of.  Determine to never do those things again.  For instance, if you perpetually lied, make the decision to stop lying.  God will forgive you for your sins if you ask Him.  He will also help you to not do those same things again (Psalm 32:1-2 and Psalm 130:3-4).

7. Inaccurate perception of God-

Your perception of God can skew your sense of peace.  If you consider God to be your personal genie, who must answer all your demands, then you might be inclined to reject His true peace.  All of your prayers will not be answered exactly as you wish.  We live in a fallen world.  Even King David experienced times when he was depressed because he felt forsaken by God (Psalm 13:1-2).  David always went back to remembering God’s love and praising God.  He quickly witnessed his depression leave as God’s peace returned.

8. Hopelessness-

When something bad happens, change your outlook.  Do not immediately say, “Nothing good can happen from this”.  Instead, remember that God promises to work all things together for your good. God did not say that all things are good.  Rather, He said He would make all things work together for good. Do not allow hopelessness.  The next time something painful happens (and terrible things will happen) be on the lookout for the good that can come from it.

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