Caregiving is a Gift

Your comments on have not gone unnoticed.

You are giving a priceless gift!

Caregiving is a gift you give.  You may be caring for the environment, animals, yourself, another person, children, clients, or patients.  Regardless of who or what, you are caring for, you are giving a gift.  The varied situations that are represented by the readers of this site are striking.

You are giving a gift that has far more value than money!

You are not alone!

Many caregivers feel as though their situation is unique.  Others feel as if they are all alone.  Today, please remember these four words- you are not alone.

We have said it numerous times, on many posts throughout this blog.  The saying may be redundant, yet it still rings true.  You are not alone.

Keep repeating it to yourself as you go through your day- “I am not alone”.

Remind yourself of the truth that you are not alone.

You may need to repeat that four word phrase to yourself many times in the course of a given day.  In a typical day, you may only be able to check this blog one time.  You may not be able to get to a computer at all.  Yet, as you trudge through the daily tasks of caregiving please remind yourself that you are not the only person giving care.

Many other people are caregivers around the world.  As you are performing a mundane task, someone in this world is probably experiencing the same situation.  That person might feel identically to the way you feel.

Caregiving community:

You really are not as alone as you think.  You are part of a caregiving community.  You may never actually meet the other caregivers who are walking the same path as you, but they are out there, nonetheless.

The comments you make, on this blog, may be a lifeline to people who are suffering severe depression, shame, and pain.  Sympathizing with others has been described as “your pain in my heart”.  Friends, you are not alone in your heartache, loneliness, frustration, confusion, and sadness.

What do other caregivers feel?

Do you want further proof that you are not alone?  Scroll through the pages of this blog and read the comments that have been made.  You may be surprised as you hear your identical thoughts enunciated by others.

Below are a few posts you can click on, if you are unsure where to start-

You can let other caregivers know that they are not alone.

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