Are you unsure about what to do?

Is there a situation you have been mulling over for months but you have not come to a conclusion?

do you have a problem that you keep bouncing around in your head, but you have yet to deal with it?

What have you been bouncing around in your mind?  Is there anything that keeps you up at night?  If you have been going back and forth over a decision, now is the time to take steps to come to a conclusion.  As the old adage goes, “not deciding is deciding”.

Stop wavering and start praying.

Do you need help making a decicion?

Here is a prayer for you:

Lord, please speak to me now.  I am so confused.  Please show me the steps to take.  Family members and friends tell me to ___________________________, but every time I open Your Word, it falls to a portion of scripture that says to _________________________.

Father, have I been hard-hearted toward Your voice?  Have I gone too far into trying to hear you for myself that I am not open to receive what You are trying to say to me from others?  Perhaps, my problem is just the opposite.  Am I too fixated on what others think and not willing to hear Your still, small voice?

Even now, am I being overly analytical or thinking too much about it?  Some people seem to be able to “wing it” their whole lives, other people are goal setters and they have established routines.  For me, I am stuck, perplexed, frozen…  I have been doing life this way for so long that I do not know another way.

Regardless of the way others think my situation should be handled, or my way, or the rut I find myself in, no way will be the right way unless it is Your way.  Lord, what is Your clear guidance?

Father, I say “enough” to the vacillating.  You say in Your Word that when we waver, we are double-minded, unstable, and unable to receive anything from You (James 1:6-8).  I agree with You, Lord.  I do not like to see double-mindedness in my friends, and You must be even more disappointed to find wavering in me.

Lord, help me come up with a simple plan so I can stop my wavering.  I do not have to know the entire course of events, or how all these things will turn out.  But, please help me to put something in motion so I am no longer stagnant and weak.  Show me three simple steps I can take this month that will lead to a resolution.  And, let each of those steps be directed by You.

Today, Father, give me one action step I can take so that I will be in line with your will.  This time next year, I do not want to be sitting around complaining about ________________ anymore.  Thank You for the direction that I know will come.  Amen

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~Caregiver, I pray you will be blessed as you pray for yourself and others.  If you would like to share this prayer with others, please feel free to share these using the social media buttons.

Additional Prayer:

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remember, you are not alone.

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