Counseling for stress, anxiety, grief, loneliness, frustration, etc…

“I am so overwhelmed that I can not think clearly.”  Jackie said.

Mallory concurred, “Yes.  And I am overwrought with anxiety anytime I think of leaving the house.  I no longer go anywhere.”

“I want to go places and am so lonely since my wife passed.  My problem is that I lost most of friends when I was her caregiver.  Now I do not have anyone to do things with.” Sam replied.

What emotions are you dealing with?

Caregivers go through a variety of emotions.  Some caregivers are frozen and unable to make decisions because of the myriad of choices to be made.  Others are dealing with resentment, loneliness, frustration, anxiety, depression, and even grief over the loss they once enjoyed.

If you are trying to cope with negative emotions, seek a professional counselor.  Trained counselors are equipped to help you sift through feelings you never knew you could possess.

For blog readers in the North Georgia area, let me point you to Vic Smith of Abiding Word Ministries.  The link to his website is:

If you are reading this from outside of the metro-Atlanta area, you may still benefit from Vic’s online resources.  Not only does he offer a blog for you to read, his most recent post contains information about how to find a trusted counselor.  To read “All That Glitters Isn’t Gold”, go to this link:

You are not alone!

Many posts on this site contain the four words “you are not alone”.  Several years ago, the caregiving facility I worked for had a wood shop.  For Christmas one year I asked the clients to make little circle key chains, for the caregivers, with “you are not alone” inscribed on them.

There is a reason I keep reiterating “you are not alone”.  So many caregivers are flooded with emotions they do not know how to handle and they feel utterly helpless and alone.  Please seek counseling.

If you feel as though you are going to hurt yourself or someone else, call 911 or go to your local ER.  On the other hand, if you are the one being abused, get out immediately.  Contact your local police or Sheriff’s office.  You are valuable and you are worthy of getting the help you need.

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