Emergency Preparedness for Caregivers

Are you prepared for inclement weather and power outages?

Every year, around the beginning of fall, I receive the government’s emails about being prepared for winter.  Their emails usually consist of the boring, but necessary information.  I will give out a few of their preparedness ideas first, to get the humdrum behind us.  Then, we will delve into fun winter ideas specially geared toward you, the caregiver.

If you are already well stocked for inclement weather, please skip this first list and hop down to the second one.

A condensed and truncated version of things to stock up on in case of a power outage contains:

  1. Batteries of various sizes
  2. A few gallons of water
  3. Canned goods
  4. Hand held can opener
  5. Medicines and first aid supplies
  6. Phones charged
  7. Flashlights
  8. Candles
  9. Extra blankets
  10. Emergency contacts written down and posted in an obvious location
  11. Keep the gas tank in your car at least half way full in case of emergency

    Now that we have covered the obvious, let’s talk about your mental health during inclement weather and power outages.

Caregiver supplies:

For an entire post about winterizing, and stock piling caregiver specific items, please click here.  If you need laughter, during times you are stuck inside, we have several posts dedicated to this topic.  Click here for one of the many posts about laughter and enjoying life.

Caregiver make sure you have these items for emergencies:

  1. Your physical and mental health checked by your doctor
  2. A stack of peppermints- they supposedly enhance alertness.
  3. Coloring books, for kids of all ages.  This can be extremely stress-relieving during power outages.
  4. Colored pencils, crayons, or sharpened pencils for your adult coloring books and word finds.
  5. A scent you like that makes you smile.
  6. Cards and board games.
  7. Hand-held DVD players and electronics charged, along with back-up sources for charging.
  8. Ideas for safe, practical jokes.
  9. Breathing routines and relaxing stretching routines memorized, in the event you cannot access the internet.
  10. Coping mechanisms in place.  (i.e.- Learn to count to ten before answering the same, redundant question.)
  11. A smile ready, even if you have to fake it.
  12. Phone numbers, for people from your support group or friends you can call, if you need to be talked off the ledge.
  13. New books, magazines, special non-perishable foods, your favorite candies, and other items that you can look forward to opening for the first time.

Caregiver, what items would you add to this list?

We would love to hear the items you would include in your emergency kit.  How do you plan for emergencies, inclement weather, and the winter?

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