Grumbling or Grateful?

On this day, when our warm weather has turned cold, it is easy to grumble and complain.  Caregiving gives us many opportunities to be overwhelmed and burdened.  Yet, we are instructed to give thanks in all situations.

Prayer of Thanksgiving:

Lord, You told me to be thankful in all situations.  So, Father, I am thankful for the stress of caregiving.  Thank You that because of this overwhelming task in front of me, I will draw closer to You and I will know You better.

Father, I truly am not thankful for certain aspects of my life.  You know my ingratitude, dread, resentfulness, bitterness, confusion, and anger due to parts of caregiving.  I cannot hide my poor attitude from You because nothing can be hidden from You (Psalm 139).  Yet, I also know that Your Word tells me that You have a plan for this (Jeremiah 29:11).

I may not be able to fully thank You for everything, but I thank You that You will reveal Your plan to me one day.  Lord, Your word tells me that You have a treasure and a reward for me in Heaven (John 14).  If Heaven is the only place I ever see my reward, I still trust You.

Help me to always give thanks in all situations.  If Joseph could stay true to You while he was falsely imprisoned and Paul could rejoice in You while he was in prison, I can stay true to You as well. Lord, I thank You that even though my circumstances may not be perfect and even though I do not know how all this will turn out, I still have You.

Lord, thank You.  Father, praise You.  You are my Shield, my Hope, my Future, my Love, my Grace, my Redemption, my Faith, and my Reward.  One day, when I receive my crown in Heaven, it will be an honor to lay the crown down at Your feet.

To You be all honor, glory, power, and dominion.  Amen.

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Additional Prayer:

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