Home Protection

Is your home adequately protected from intruders?

There are many options, for home protection, in this day and age.  Many hardware stores have entire isles devoted to security systems and theft protection.

I spoke with our local law enforcement agency to get a quick run down on the best way to secure homes.  Simple ideas, for protecting your home, include:

  1. Owning a dog
  2. Installing an alarm system
  3. Putting indoor and outdoor cameras around your home
  4. Joining a neighborhood watch

Variations on the original ideas:

Some people do not live in a crowded community.  Other individuals cannot afford pricey security cameras and monthly fees for alarm systems.  Do not worry, if you do not have the finances for traditional methods.  Ask your local hardware store what they would suggest.

Some creative ideas might include:

  1. Foot locks and door jams to keep your doors shut under pressure
  2. Simple, individual door and window alarms
  3. Padlocks
  4. Hiding jewelry, and valuables, in unexpected places- thieves rarely take time to go through children’s rooms
  5. Motion detecting lights outdoors
  6. A Webcam
  7. Close all blinds when you leave your home
  8. Additional locks, or bars, for windows
  9. A “fake” TV- it is shaped like a lamp, but it will emit blue light when you are out
  10. Check all your doors and windows after any repair person leaves your home- typically homes are intruded on by people who have cased them out first and left a window unlocked
  11. Keep 911, and all emergency numbers, programmed into your phones
  12. Timers on your lights and radios to give the appearance that you are home
  13. When you are away from home, do not post your location on social media
  14. Thorny bushes planted in front of windows- thorns deter thieves, but make sure your bushes are trimmed low enough that intruders cannot hide behind them
  15. If you walk in on something suspicious, leave before you call 911

Other ideas for caregivers:

Hopefully, some of the ideas presented today will help you as you protect your loved ones.  Please share the handy tips, included today, with your friends and family.  Help your loved ones stay safe and secure.  Are you looking for more practical ideas for caregivers?  Click on the blue words below to view additional gifts and tips-

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What about you?

We would love to hear what works for you and what you would like to warn others to stay away from.

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