Inauguration Day

Today is Inauguration Day.

The very mention of the events today elicits feelings of joy in one party and sadness in another.  Since this is not a political blog, please do make any political comments.  I only point out the significance of the day because of something interesting that happened to me in the wee hours of the morning.

Caregiver, do you remember when you were inaugurated?

Do you have a memory of the event that started the chain reaction which led to you becoming a caregiver?  You might have been hurled into the chaos of caregiving all at once, or it might have crept in subtly.  Regardless of how you obtained your title, you are in the group of people who work hard and gain little recognition.  If you are starting to lose your peace about circumstances and situations beyond your control, please keep reading.

Just for you:

One interesting thing happened to me late last night/ early this morning.  I was reading the scripture Isaiah 26:3 from a new Bible and looked at the footnote for the scripture.  It read, “Immanuel will inaugurate this superior kind of peace”.  The fact that it was after 1 am, on the actual day a new president would be sworn in, made me realize the irony.

I had never seen the word “inaugurate” in a Bible, yet there it was in a footnote.  People may inaugurate other humans for elevated positions.  Only Immanuel inaugurates a superior kind of peace.

Prayer for you:

On the days you do not feel God’s superior kind of peace, please consider the following prayer:

Lord, in Isaiah 26:3, You promised perfect peace.  That is a peace only You can inaugurate or ordain.  I am asking for that peace now.  Lord, circumstances do not always necessitate laughter or comedy, but Your Word describes a joy and peace that come in the middle of storms.

Please show me what I need to do to maintain my peace.  Do I need to visit a doctor, a counselor, get more exercise, or change my eating habits?  Is there anyone who gossips that I need to stay away from?  What, or who, in my life is negatively impacting me and how should I respond?

Father, verse 4 of Isaiah 26 says I can trust in Yah (the Rock of Ages).  That name for You has been recorded in a beautiful old hymn that I can listen to or sing when I am discouraged.

Further back in the same book is Isaiah 9:6.  It says that the government will be upon Your shoulders.  Lord, if You can shoulder entire governments, You can handle my problems.  Please forgive me for my worry and doubt.

When I am depressed, frustrated, resentful, overlooked, criticized, or tired, help me to run to You- The Rock of Ages who shoulders all the burdens.  Thank you that I can give it all to You in exchange for Your peace.  Amen

Additional Prayer:

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One reader of the blog was so thoughtful.  She bought me a calendar that lists unique holidays on each day of the month.  So, if you are unimpressed over today’s events, you may prefer celebrating another legitimized holiday for January 20th: Penguin Awareness Day.

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