Juicing for Better Health

The benefits of fruits and vegetables-

We discussed, in part one of juicing, the health benefits of juicing.  Today we will look at particular fruits and vegetables to juice.

Fruits for health:

  1. Apple- Gallbladder troubles, liver, diarrhea, tooth decay, and loss of appetite
  2. Apricot- Liver and pancreas detox
  3. Blackberry- Diarrhea and colon problems
  4. Blueberry- Pancreas (Blueberries are also said to be good for sugar problems.)
  5. Cantaloupe- Complexion and digestion
  6. Cherry- Blood cleanser and good for gout
  7. Crab Apple- Vertigo
  8. Cranberry- Asthma and kidneys
  9. Grapefruit- Colds, flu, malaria, sleeplessness, and works as a laxative
  10. Grapes- Good for tumors and anemia
  11. Lemon- Nerves, kidneys, high blood pressure, and liver
  12. Lime- Yellow jaundice (Limes are also a good supplier of Vitamin C.)
  13. Papaya- Protein digestion
  14. Peach- Complexion and good during pregnancy
  15. Pineapple- Protein digestion and wonderful supplier of enzymes
  16. Strawberry- Skin
  17. Watermelon- Kidneys (and lungs if the rind is included)

Vegetables for health:

  1. Asparagus- Urinary problems and fatty tumors
  2. Beets- Nerves, anemia, and spleen (Beets are also an excellent alkalizer.)
  3. Bell Pepper- Eyes and digestion
  4. Cabbage- Tissue builder, removes toxins, helps digestion and elimination
  5. Carrots- Eyes, blood, lymph, skin, and digestion
  6. Celery- Arthritis, heart, indigestion, colds, and skin problems
  7. Cucumber- Skin, bladder, kidneys, infection, and inflammation
  8. Green Beans- Pancreas malfunctions and good to remove metallic poison
  9. Kale- Helps build resistance to colds
  10. Leeks- Tissue builder and reduces pancreas problems (Go easy on these- I was not forewarned before juicing them and it was quite an eye opener.)
  11. Onion- Colds and flu
  12. Parsnip- Good for intolerance to milk
  13. Parsley- Laxative, anemia, diuretic, detoxifies, gas elimination, and gallstones
  14. Peas- Source of protein and good for weak stomachs
  15. Potato- Kidneys (peel must be included)
  16. Radish- Promotes bile flow
  17. Romaine Lettuce- Asthma and bronchitis
  18. Rhubarb- Colon cleanser
  19. Spinach- Anemia, constipation, colon cleanser, chronic infections, and alkalizer
  20. Watercress- Anemia, rheumatism, infections, and alkalizer

Combining foods for healing:

Next, let’s look at a few basic food combinations and their health benefits. This is a simple list of foods you my combine, in juicer, to produce juices with optimal effects.

  • Arthritis- Grapefruit and Pineapple
  • Ulcers- Okra and Apple
  • Ulcers (Another combination for ulcers.)- Cabbage, Celery, and Carrot
  • Gallbladder, liver, kidneys, and prostrate- Beet, Cucumber, and Carrot
  • Headaches- Celery and Apple
  • Sleeplessness- Apple and Pear
  • Cancer- Carrot and Apple (Up to 13 glasses per day.)
  • Pancreas- Blueberry and Banana
  • Pyorrhea (also good to cleanse mucus from the stomach)- Cabbage and Carrot
  • Stimulate hair growth- Spinach, Lettuce, and Carrot  (I assume this does not include iceberg lettuce, which is mostly water.)

Please note-

None of these assertions are from a medical practitioner.  I am not a physician, so please contact your PCP before beginning any new diet.

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Stay tuned-

Thank you for joining us for the first two parts of our juicing series.  The next post about juicing will contain some yummy recipes.  Also, stay tuned for more healthy living topics to keep you functioning at your best.  Your job is a demanding one and that is why we are here.  We want to see you living your life in the best physical and mental health that you can.

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