Juicing Recipes

Learn to juice and improve your health

Combing foods for your health:

I am so glad everyone has enjoyed our healthy living series.  If you do not take care of yourself, you cannot take care of anyone else.

Juicing tips:

Before we get to our wonderful recipes, I wanted to point out a few tips I was given from my friend, Mary.

  1. First of all, do not juice near a meal.  Drink fresh juice at least 30 minutes before a meal and two hours after a meal.
  2. Secondly, only drink 8 ounces of the juice at a time.  The body can only assimilate the nutrition from 8 ounces of juice at one time, so make sure to wait at least one hour before consuming more juice.
  3. Thirdly, fresh juice must be consumed within 2 hours in order to obtain optimal nutritional benefits.
  4. Finally, juice all parts of the fruits and vegetables except the seeds of certain fruits like apples and watermelon.  To make sure your fruits and vegetables are cleaned properly, you might want to invest in some veggie wash from your local grocery store.


Juicing Recipes:

As always, consult your doctor before trying any of these and do not stop any medications your physician prescribed.  I am not a doctor or a health care practitioner, but I have been trying to improve my health and hope these help you in your pursuit as well.  Without further ado, here are some of the juicing recipes Mary gave me twenty years ago.

body cleanser

  • 3 sweet carrots
  • Half of a beet with the greens
  • Half of a cucumber  (As you remember from an earlier post, most juicing involves the skin of the vegetables.)

bone building tonic

  • 4 Kale leaves
  • 4 Sprigs of parsley
  • 6 Sweet carrots
  • Half of an apple (Make sure not to juice the seeds, as they can be toxic.)

build your immune system

  • 2 Ribs of celery
  • 6 Sweet carrots
  • Handful of fresh parsley

cantaloupe cooler

  • 1/3 of a cantaloupe
  • 1/3 of a honey dew

energy drink

  • 5 Sweet carrots
  • 1 Wedge of green cabbage (a four inch wedge)

liver mover

  • 1/2 of a beet with the greens
  • 3 Large apples

lung tonic

  • 4 Sprigs of parsley
  • 4 Sprigs of watercress
  • 5 Sweet carrots
  • 1/4 of a potato

tomato cooler

  • 1 Large tomato
  • 1/2 of a cucumber
  • 1 Rib of celery
  • Slice of lime

Stay tuned for more healthy living tips!

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