Prayer When Your Caregiving is Criticized

Have you been criticized lately?

I was looking at cute sayings online about adopted families, when I stumbled upon a forum of step-parents.  The people were fuming.  The language and fury that was brewing was overwhelming.  Each of them felt attacked, judged, and condemned.

After reading the stories about blended family, other stories came to my mind from my work with caregivers.  Many of the caregivers felt like their caregiving efforts were evaluated by family members and friends.  Their decisions were questioned and they were undermined by others.  Does that describe you?

Do you feel judged, condemned, or verbally abused in your caregiving?

Here is a prayer for misunderstood caregivers:

Dear Lord, You see how critical and undermining this person is towards me.  You hear the words this person is saying to me.  You know that this person is judging, critiquing, criticizing, and condemning me again.  Father, the person saying these hurtful things to me is not in my shoes.  Even when I try to explain why I made certain decisions or acted the way I did, this person interrupts and refuses to hear me out.

I can only ask You, Lord, to stand up for me and be my Vindicator.  Father, I know I am not perfect.  There are many things I have done wrong.  Please forgive me for the situations I handled incorrectly and the things I did that were against Your will.

In these current circumstances, regarding the person who is judging me, I have done everything to the best of my mental and physical ability.  Lord, the accusations are inflammatory, unwarranted, and unfair.  Only You can reveal truth to this person who refuses to listen.

On the days when I do not want to get out of bed, because I will have to face this accuser, please help me to see the beauty of Your holiness (Psalm 110:3).  Let me receive Your lovingkindness, on those mornings, so I can deal with people who harass me (Psalm 143:8).  Father, let Your light break forth in my life, in the morning, so I can get up and I can keep going (Psalm 58:8).

Lord, please comfort me when others make inaccurate assumptions and jump to faulty conclusions.  I ask for favor in the eyes of the person who wrongfully criticizes me (Psalm 45:12).  But, even if I never have favor in their sight, it is enough for me to know that You love me and You favor me (Proverbs 16:15).

I have no way of avoiding people who make false accusations, so please strengthen my mind.  Help me to be holy, godly, and honoring to You even in the midst of naysayers.

For all these things I give You praise, honor, and glory.

You are not alone, if your caregiving has been crticized.

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