Prayer When You Experience Loss

Friend, are you mourning a loss?

Here is a prayer you can pray about loss:

Dear Lord,

You tell me to thank You for all things, so I just want to say, “thank You”.  It is not the first thing I want to do because I really want to turn back the clock and undo the hurt.  Unfortunately I cannot erase this loss, so I am choosing to trust You in it.

Thank You that things did not turn out the way I hoped or dreamed.  Praise You that You are in control and I am not.  Bless You that You know all things- the beginning and the end, the other people involved and the way this crazy situation would grow me deeper in You.

Lord, You also know the people who are watching me to see how I will handle it all.  You love them as much as You love me.  Please help me to handle this situation, in a godly manner, so others will draw closer to You.

You can heal my broken heart over this loss.  In the meantime, help me to draw closer to You.  Help me to forgive the other people involved and forgive myself too.

Father- my Father, my Comforter, my dearest friend, my listener when no one else is around, my shoulder to lean on, the One who dries my tears, the First and the Last, the Alpha and the Omega, the One who knows all things and all people, the Great I Am- You know what is like to lose.  You understand, sympathize, empathize, hurt when I hurt, and cry when I cry.

It is true- You have lost so much more than I ever could.  You lost all Your children at one time or another.  Every one, of the millions of children You produced, turned their backs on You.

Lord, You know how it feels to watch a loved one being betrayed.  You watched Your own Son beaten, mocked, spat on, laughed at, scorned, and left alone to die.  You are all too familiar with loss, betrayal, and being used.  People use Your Name to gain popularity, money, material possessions, greed, power, and worldliness.  Certainly, it must not feel good to be used by so many people all at once.

Praise You, God, that I do not have Your job.  I do not have to listen to a bunch of earthly humans who pitch fits when they do not get their way.  Your heart must hurt as they use You and toss You away.

I do not possess the patience, grace, and mercy You display on a daily basis as people revere You one moment and then curse You the next.  My nerves can barely handle the roller coaster of emotions displayed within my small sphere of influence.  I can only imagine how hurtful it must be after You listened to multiplied gripes and complaints, throughout thousands of years.

Lord, please forgive me for going on and on about my loss when You are acquainted with not just my loss, but the loss of billions worldwide.  Thank You, merciful Father, for drawing me closer to You during this time.  I know I should not ask for more, but please help me to reach out to others who are hurting while my own heart is on the mend.

Thank You, Amen.

Do you need prayer for your loss?

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