When You are Made Fun of Due to Your Health Problems

Are you tired of people making fun of you and your health?  Do people’s nasty comments hurt your feelings?  Would you rather not hear comments like, “you look like you should be able to do this”, “anyone else could do it”, and “you are drowning in a tea cup”?

Rely on God when others bully you
Fully Rely on God

Weary Caregiver

Do you feel like you are being harassed or bullied by others?  Are you exhausted from having to defend yourself?

If you are weary, from the snide comments people make, about your physical or mental health, here is a prayer for you to pray.

Prayer for when you are made fun of:

Lord, you know the truth.  You know I have a physical (or mental) condition that prevents me from being able to do all I want to do.  You also know that my feelings are already hurt enough because I cannot keep up with others.  Their nasty remarks only make my situation worse.

God, I know You can heal me anytime you want to, but for now I have to suffer through this illness.  Will You please comfort me when others are quick to judge?

Father, I know You will judge them for every word they are speaking against me (Matthew 12:36) but in the meantime will You please help me?  Come to me, Almighty God, and give me strength to keep facing hurtful people.  When they throw their daggers, help the daggers to just bounce off of me.  Do not let me take to heart the unkind remarks of others (Ecclesiastes 7:21).

Lord, please do not let their meanness stick in my heart or cause mental trauma.  Help me not to be overcome by their evil words.  Father, please help me to overcome their evil words by doing nice things for others (Romans 12:21).  When I do not want to do good to the person who hurt me, help me to bless someone else who is hurting.  Show me who I can reach out to, help, uplift, and encourage today.

Help me not to worry about these people who are intentionally hurting my feelings, but instead let me be intentional to worry about the things of Kingdom value (the sick, down-trodden, lost, those sold into slavery, children with nothing to eat, villages without clean water, etc…).  Instead of looking at people who come after me, let me run after You (1 Corinthians 4:3).

Thank You, Father that You hear me, You hurt when I hurt, and You are able to heal the wounds others have inflicted.  Amen

Praying for others:

If you know someone who is going through an illness and needs this prayer, please pass it along using the social share buttons.  If you are resentful of people who make fun of you, click here.  To view more prayers, or request prayer, click on the menu.  To view the most recent posts and devotions, click on the words Burden Free Caregiving at the top of the page.

Thank you for praying with us.  You are not alone.

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