Prayer for Loneliness

Do you feel alone, even when you are around others?

I have received numerous emails and texts about people being lonely.  The impending snow/ ice storm is not helping.  Many people are lonely after the loss of a spouse, several of my single friends are lonely every night when they go home, and some married women are lonely because their husbands are interested in various things other than their wives.

One woman told me today that if she gets stuck inside her house this weekend she will go crazy.  I know other people who are being abused by their spouses (or even their teenage children) due to mental problems or Dementia.  If you are being abused, please stop now and read our post about domestic violence.

I heard a preacher say that loneliness is contagious.  If someone in your group of friends is lonely, you have a 52% chance of catching it.

Are you lonely?

Click here to begin reading our three part series on loneliness.  Or, click here to read about depression.  You may also access a post about being resentful toward the person who left you by clicking here.  (Yes, it is alright to admit that you resent your spouse for dying.)

Regardless of your circumstances- never married, married but did not have children, divorced, widowed, or married but alone, you can be assured that there is Someone who said He would never leave you.  (See Psalm 27:10)

This prayer is for you:

Dear Lord,

You see my overwhelming loneliness and hear the cry of my heart.  You know I feel a black pit of depression in my soul.  Father, no matter how hard I try to reach out to others, I still feel alone.

Lord, Your Word tells me that I am not alone.  But, I feel so alone right now.  Please help me to have wisdom to combat this loneliness.  Show me if I need to speak with a doctor, exercise more, change my diet so that my brain can be less depressed, turn off violent or disturbing television shows, attend a church gathering, etc…

You know what I need to battle this loneliness.  Lord, I ask for Your grace to overcome this spirit of loneliness.  Help me to spend time in Your word, and spend time with You.  You said, in Hebrews 13:5, that You would never leave me or forsake me, so I am reaching out to You for a peace only You can provide.

While I am in the midst of this loneliness, show me someone else who is also lonely that I can reach out to.  Doing something for someone else lifts my spirits, as well as theirs.  Reveal to me who could use a phone call, a note, or gift in secret today.

And, when this loneliness has passed, help me not to forget where I came from so I can continue to reach out to others.  Thank You!  Amen!

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Thank you for stopping by.  Always remember that you are part of this community.  You are not alone.

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