Prayer for Pets

Dear Lord,

Thank You for people who pray over our pets and bless our animals.  Lord, not only are our pets members of the family, sometimes they are the only member of our household.

Father, please bless each of our pets.  Keep them safe, healthy, and protected.  Lord, help our pets not to wander off or get lost.  Help our fur babies not to eat something that would make them sick.

Please surround our beloved animals with Your loving arms and with animal angels.  Keep them warm and safe when we must leave them home alone.  Help them not to get scared or lonely.

Show us when our animals need something or when they are sick.  Guide the Veterinarians in restoring our pets to complete health.  Give us finances to take excellent care of our animals.

For the animals that we had to give up and the ones that wandered off, please keep them safe in their new homes, help them to be warm, well fed, and well cared for.  Let their new adoptive parents love them and take good care of them.

Bless people who rescue and care for animals.  Guide them in their search and rescue missions.  Give rescue organizations free food and supplies to care for the animals.  Help the animals to have everything they need.

Lord, our fur babies are our children and we love them so much.  But, You love us even more and want our babies well taken care of too.  Thank You for the gift of these animals.  You have blessed us beyond measure with them.

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