When You are Exhausted

Are you worn-out and exhausted?


I have received many prayer request from parents and caregivers who are exhausted.

Here is a prayer to bring back your vitality and renew your strength:


Dear Lord, You know I am worn out, fed up, and out of words.  My body and mind are weary.  I need the strength You promise in Isaiah 40:31.

Father, please invigorate me, revitalize me, and infuse me with Your supernatural one-of-a-kind Holy Ghost power.  Encourage me again.  Bring back my joy, happiness, and peace.

Lord, Your Word says that You would give me abundance for every good deed (2 Corinthians 9:8).  That is what I am asking for- abundance for every good deed.  I have many godly things I would like to do, but I need strength for them.

If I were asking for Your energy for selfishness, idol hobbies, lazy yearnings, or debauchery, You would not answer.  Instead, I ask You to fill me with Your holy desires so I can please You.

Father, when You restore my physical stamina to me, help me not to waste it in front of a TV or another mind-numbing activity.  Please help me to use the vitality You give me for kingdom purposes and agendas.

Lord, help me to overcome this mental fatigue so I can have a marvelous healing testimony that gives You all the glory (Revelation 12:11).  Thank You for the evil experience of this exhaustion which is fortifying my spirit for the days ahead (Genesis 50:20).  Father, You are so many things to me, help me now to see You as my Sustainer, my Restorer, my vitality, and the strength of my life (Psalm 27:1).

For all these things I give You the praise, honor and glory.  Amen.

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