Prayer When You Are Excluded

Caregiver, have you been excluded?

Recently, I was made aware of some sad stories…  A woman whose friends simultaneously dumped her when her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, another person whose friends dropped him after his wife passed away, and a lady whose husband outgrew his need for her once his biological kids were grown.

How to pray when  you are excluded:

If you have ever been excluded from a party, or a group of people, this prayer is for you.

Prayer When You Are Excluded

Lord, You know I wanted to be included, but I was not.  Father, there is nothing I can do about people excluding me, talking about me, or doing things behind my back.

Despite their personal issues and their cliques, help me to have peace in You.  Let me use this experience to grow in You and lean on You.  Help me to draw closer to You as others pull further away from me.

Lord, You said You would never leave me or forsake me (Hebrews 13:5).  You also said that even if my family leaves me, You will not (Psalm 27:10).

Grant me wisdom and direction.  Give me courage to stand up for myself and do things by myself when I have been excluded.  Help me not to take on other people’s personal problems.  Help me to trust in Your perfect plan to bring something good out of the bad these people have done.

Praise You, Lord, that I can call You Father.  And, praise You that You are the One I can always depend on to befriend me.  Help me to find someone lonelier than I currently am so I can reach out to them.

And, Father, for the women who do not have husbands or fathers to pray over them, thank You that You are praying over them.  You are covering them with Your protection (Psalm 91).  Lord, please take away the shame and embarrassment that comes from being single or childless.  Amen

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