Read on to discover some of the most frequently asked questions I have received thus far:

What resources do you recommend for caregivers?

I am glad you asked!  There are places all over this blog that include resources.  Below I will point to only a few, so click around the menu for additional pages to read.  A few resources include:

Books for caregivers and for people who have questions
Household items, helpful apps for caregivers, and handy items
Books for someone who lost a loved one
Resources for step-parents or adoptive parents
Strong-willed children

Are there any websites you suggest?

Yes.  An entire list has been created and attached to one of our posts.  Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

What if I am just taking care of myself or my pets?

We have you covered!  Taking care of yourself is a full time job if you have a long-term illness.  Check out the bottom of our most recent post, by clicking here, to find a list of posts on keeping yourself healthy.  Scroll through the menu and the categories to find various healthy living tips and recipes.

As for our fur babies? Yes!  We love them.  In fact, you will see pictures of my personal fur babies throughout this site.  Currently, we only have one post and one prayer dedicated to pets on here, but we will have several future posts just for our fur families.  Keep checking back!

Am I crazy during the times I resent the person I care for?

No.  To read more about that topic, click here.  If you need someone to talk to, please consider a counselor.  There are also various support groups dedicated to the unique circumstances you may find yourself in.  On this blog, we have several posts dedicated to places we do not want to be and dreaded events.  Check the menu at the top or look through the categories at the side/ bottom for more on those topics.

How can I handle the stress I am under?

Stress is such a wide and varied topic that we have multiple posts dedicated to physical and mental health.  We also have several posts that deal with the issues of respite and personal support.  To begin with, you may want to read the caregiver stress test.

If you are interested in holistic ways to approach the pressure and tension you are under, you may want to read some of our healthy living posts.  We have tips on getting better sleep, calming yourself through breathing exercises, relaxing baths, and essential oils.

One thing we do not promote is domestic abuse.  If you are being physically abused, please seek help immediately.

Where should I start if I am over 65 and caring for someone?

If you are over 65, or if the person you are caring for is over 65, there is a simple place to start finding help locally.  To find help in your specific area, go to the search menu on your computer.  Type in the following: Area Agency for Aging.  Then, type in the name of your county.  You will be directed to a local office that can answer a variety of questions.  Many of these agencies can suggest financial counsel, home health options, legal counsel, etc…  Their site will have a number you can call so you will be able to talk with a live person!

If I post a comment will it be sent to a third party?

No.  We do not forward your email address or name to any third party organizations.  Additionally, you will not receive spam from this site.

Who are the stories about?

When I reference a prayer request I was sent or a story I was told, it is not about someone who reads this blog.  Also, I always change the names before I tell other people’s stories.

The stories could be someone I am familiar with, but who does not read this blog.  Or, it could be someone from one of the prayer lists I receive from around the world.  If their story hits home to you, please pray for them.  That is the point of our community, to come together and encourage each other.

If you are a reader of this blog, only the information that you type into the comment section will be what others read about you.  Feel free to use a pseudonym or just your initials when you comment.  You will be able to view your email address from your screen only, no other reader of the blog will be able to see your email address.

What is the difference between Alzheimer’s and Dementia?

This is a question I must have answered at least once a month for almost 11 years. Please click here to read the answer.  For posts about communicating with someone who has Dementia, and other posts that deal directly with Dementia, please look around the menu and the categories.

How do I combat the winter blues?

We have several motivations you may read to help uplift you.  A good one to start with is Winterizing. When you are reading the various posts, make sure to read the comments at the end, since so many caregivers took time to give us helpful advice.

Caregivers… What other questions do you have?

I have loved hearing and answering your questions.  Please send more questions and ideas by leaving us comments in the various posts.  Always remember, you are not alone!

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