Respite Care

respite care for caregivers

What is respite care?

Respite is temporary care, for your loved one, relieving you of your duties so you may recharge. Caregivers are at a higher risk for stress-related conditions such as chronic disease, depression, hypertension, and heart problems.  Do yourself the favor of recharging before you become too run-down to provide adequate care for your loved one.

Why look into respite care?

  1. Postpones costly out-of-home placements.
  2. Reduces stress, restores the caregiver’s energy and level of patience, and prevents caregiver burnout.
  3. Removes social isolation and depression in the caregiver by allowing the caregiver to maintain friendships, continue career development, and live a life apart from the isolation of caregiving.
  4. Allows the caregiver enough distance from the daily grind to gain a clearer mind and view the situation from a distance.
  5. Boosts the immune system by giving the caregiver’s mind, spirit, soul, and body the much needed break he/ she deserves.

What respite care is not:

Respite is not selfish.  We have spoken many times, on this blog, about the fact that taking care of yourself is not selfish.  Remember the “oxygen mask principle” on airplanes- the flight attendant always instructs individuals to put on their own oxygen mask first, before placing an oxygen mask on a loved one.

When to look into permanent placement:

We have written about long-term health issues and abuse before.  If your physician tells you that it is time to place your loved one in a permanent home outside of your home, do not hesitate.  Delaying the process could be devastating or life-threatening.

Where to go before you seek long-term options:

Look around your county for Adult Day Care facilities.  If you are in Northeast Georgia, check out The Guest House.  Director, Dana Chapman, personally invites you to visit.  Their goal is “to prevent premature placement in a long term care facility by promoting independence in older adults”.

The mission of The Guest House is “to provide the very best medical and social care to frail seniors in the safest, most affordable and loving environment possible”.  The Guest House not only gives the caregiver a time of respite, it also enhances the life of the older individual by providing a full schedule of activities, USDA approved meals (breakfast, lunch, and snacks), nursing staff on the floor at all times, and therapies such as music, art, and wood-working.

For more information, visit their website:

Caregiver, you are not alone.

Check our menu, and our categories, for additional posts on the various emotions caregivers go through.  If you know someone who could benefit from these posts, please let your friends and family know about these topics.  You may share any of these posts by using the social share buttons provided for your convenience.

What about you?

We would love to hear what works for you.  Many people are experiencing the same emotions as you.  Use the comment section to voice your cheers, tears, or jeers.  You will not be alone in your frustrations and disappointments.

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