The Disjointed Life

Today I received two different emails requesting prayer for wisdom and order.  In light of so many of us needing order in our days to accomplish the many tasks, here is a prayer for us all.

A prayer for time management:

Dear Lord, I pray for Your supernatural balance.  Father, please show me how to order my schedule so that all the pieces fit together to make a beautiful picture each day.

When I start tasks, help me to be able to finish them.  Lord, take away all the distractions that vie for my time.  So many things are good, but I want to do what is best.

Help me each day, as I make out my schedule to place priority on things that matter most to You.  As I focus on the relationships around me, I ask You to allow all the other necessary events to fall into place.

Show me where to start, how to proceed, and give me strength to finish each assignment.  Father, help me not to be overly concerned about unnecessary tasks.   When I do begin a project, give me Your wisdom to complete it with excellence.

Lord, help me to work smarter, not work harder.  Show me what the main priority really is and what my superiors will fixate on.  Lord, let those things fall into perfect harmony so I can balance the day well.

Thank You in advance for bringing order to disorder and making the chaos around me still.  Amen.


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Additional prayers you can pray:

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