Tips for Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Do you have stress?  Are you suffering from anxiety or depression?

Please read on for a list of simple things you can do that has been said to combat stress, anxiety, and depression.  As with any of these posts, please consult your doctor first.  Some people need prescriptions or finely tuned medical care.  The following list contains items you can do at home, after you have consulted your physician.

31 tips to combat the three biggest mental plagues:

1. Go Outside
2. Exercise
3. Journaling (For more information about the power of reading your words, please click here.)
4. Epsom Salt Bath (Click here to read out post about detox baths.)
5. Open The Curtains And Turn On The Lights
6. Laughter (We have talked extensively about the power of laughter.)
7. Spend Time With Your Pets
8. Clean Your Home (Looking around your clean environment will not only cheer you, it will make you proud too.)
9. Wear Something That Uplifts You (Put on your favorite outfit, makeup, or an accessory.  Even if you have nowhere to go, you will feel better every time you pass a mirror.)
10. Orange Essential Oil
11. Learn To Say “No”
12. Stretch
13. Watch Your Favorite Movie
14. Do Something That Will Cheer Someone Else Up. (You will put a smile on your own face when you concentrate on how to encourage someone else.  Altruism has been shown to have amazing results on the emotional well being of people.  If you cannot think of a lonely person to call or bake cookies for, consider visiting a nursing home or volunteering for an organization.)
15. Cook Your Favorite Dish
16. Plan Something Fun For The Future- Let The Joyful Anticipation Build
17. Try An Herbal Tea
18. Accept Yourself For Who You Are
19. If You Lost All Joy In Things That Used To Make You Happy, Find Something New That Will Bring You Joy
20. Listen To Uplifting Music Or Call A Friend
21. Find At Least Ten Things To Be Thankful For
22. Do Something Artistic Or Play A Game
23. Smile (You can fake a smile.  Smiling and lifting your eyebrows tells your mind that you are happy.)
24. Limit Your Social Media
25. Make Yourself A Stress Jar
26. Breathe Deeply
27. Ask Your Doctor If You Need To Increase Your Vitamin D Intake
28. Eat Healthy
29. Take A Time-Out From The Stressful Situation
30. See A Counselor
31. Pray

Priority Number One:

Remove yourself from any situation that is physically abusive.  More information about domestic abuse may be found by clicking here.  You must take care of your physical safety before you can work on your metal well-being.

Further Information:

To read more in depth posts about the 31 ideas above, click on the words that are written in blue.  You may also look through our menu and our categories for more information.

Do You Need Prayer?

Click on our Prayer Wall if you would like to leave a prayer request.  Below are some specific prayers you may consider praying as well.

Additional Prayer:

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